Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tell Me a Story Part 3

Here are some of the blocks I've made, along with their stories, for Amy Friend's Tell Me a Story quilt block challenge. The pattern for these blocks can be found in Amy's new book Intentional Piecing.  See my two previous posts for more info on this fun challenge!

Tell Me a Story Quilt Blocks by Poppyprint

Even though Mary was quite contrary, she regularly ruined a perfectly good manicure in a bucket of dirt, working her ass off to make that garden grow.

Tell Me a Story Quilt Blocks by Poppyprint

Riding through the streets of Paris after her last afternoon class at the Sorbonne, Mireille made an unscheduled stop at the parapluie store after the clouds unexpectedly burst and huge raindrops fell, threatening to spoil the daffodils in her basket.

Tell Me a Story Quilt Blocks by Poppyprint

Gerard could think of nothing more pleasing than a Saturday morning spent in his favourite smoking jacket, reading the paper while sipping Earl Grey. He just never got the whole dog park thing.

Tell Me a Story Quilt Blocks by Poppyprint

Tiffany grew up in the Keys and had always dreamed of anchoring the water ski pyramid team*, but last week's close call with the gator had her thinking that maybe it was time to hang up her bikini & bathing cap and open a cupcake cafe with her little sister.

*When I was 7 or 8 or 9 we went to Florida and watched a water ski show featuring ramp jumping and human pyramids. I'm pretty sure the announcer mentioned the threat of alligators every 5 minutes. Or maybe I'm making that part up.

Tell Me a Story Quilt Blocks by Poppyprint

Rhonda had earned her all-around cord, so she was well-versed in always being prepared. She never left home without a handbag full of spare parts.

Tune in tomorrow....yes, there are more!


Dianne said...

Gerald and Tiffany made me laugh the second time 'round as well. Although I must say I love your NRFPT stories a teensy bit more. ;0)

trudys_person said...

I love these! You have great fabrics and great stories!

Patti said...

Love your stories!

Charlotte M. said...

You have great stories. You made me laugh.

SarahZ said...

Haha! "He just never got the whole dog park thing!" Lol, neither do I...these are so great Krista!!!

Elsa said...

You are a great story teller!
In my knitting group we were having a discussion about how many people have lost there story telling ability ~ you haven't! Love the one about Gerard ~

LethargicLass said...

I love Gerard!

Sandi said...

Great stories! Maybe this should be a larger quilt?

Kris said...

Love them all and the stories are great!