Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tell Me a Story Part 2

Here are some of the blocks I've made, along with their stories, for Amy Friend's Tell Me a Story quilt block challenge. The pattern for these blocks can be found in Amy's new book Intentional Piecing.  Some of the stories are brief. Some are long-winded. Some are funny. Some are confusing. Some are semi-autobiographical: you decide.

I had fun thinking about what I would write as I sewed each block. A few of them had several stories to tell, but I'm only going to share the (mostly) politically correct, safe for work versions. I must say, I'm thoroughly enjoying this process and rediscovering all sorts of fun fabric in my stash. Who knew I had so many fussy cuttable prints?

Tell Me a Story Quilt Blocks by Poppyprint

Buttons and Measuring Tapes: the Haberdashery Mysteries
(this is a kind of make up your own story ; ))

Tell Me a Story Quilt Blocks by Poppyprint

Everyone knows that Buckingham Palace is firmly rooted in tradition and old ways, which is why they were loathe to install telephones for the longest time. British phone boxes have that roundy top bit to accommodate the HRH's crowns during important calls to modern friends and with-it world leaders while out around town.

Tell Me a Story Quilt Blocks by Poppyprint

Vince was feeling anything but lucky. The sushi restaurant gig was nothing like he expected; he'd been smiling and waving for over a month now and had yet to taste his first ebi sashimi.  As soon as this shift was over, he was calling his agent about the job down at Hello Kitty. At least there he'd have the promise of cute girls in pink dresses.

Tell Me a Story Quilt Blocks by Poppyprint

Lawrence could never make it to the front of the chow line, no matter how hard he ruffled his feathers.

Tell Me a Story Quilt Blocks by Poppyprint

There are all sorts of versions of this story, none of which are very kid-appropriate, so I'll just go with this: These two were into the good stuff last night, so they're having a bit of a lie in this morning!

Tune in tomorrow for more kooky quilt stories.....


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love those owls :) :)

artsycraftsyivy said...

I love your blocks! What is the typical size of the blocks in this book? Thanks!

Amy Friend said...

I love them all so much!

Herry Johnson said...

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LethargicLass said...

those were awesome!