Thursday, May 5, 2016

Tell Me a Story Part 4

Here are some of the blocks I've made, along with their stories, for Amy Friend's Tell Me a Story quilt block challenge. The pattern for these blocks can be found in Amy's new book Intentional Piecing.  See my previous three posts for more info on this fun challenge!

Tell Me a Story Quilt Blocks by Poppyprint

Look at those 'fraidy cat lions, hiding in the bushes!  

Tell Me a Story Quilt Blocks by Poppyprint

Cecil and Jean were just thrilled to learn that Canada Post had selected them from hundreds of applications for the upcoming stamp series "True Stories of Woodland Friendship".

Tell Me a Story Quilt Blocks by Poppyprint

This one is totally autobiographical, circa 1978-1981, when I skated the rinks from Burlington to Mississauga, ON. Who else could Shoot the Duck? I loved my white leather Dominion skates with red wheels. Leave your own roller story in the comments!!

Tell Me a Story Quilt Blocks by Poppyprint

She'd been dancing Hula since she was 3 years old, following in the bare footsteps of her mother and aunties before her, but Haunani felt her true calling elsewhere. Lately, during performances at the hotel luaus, she was completely distracted and often couldn't even recall what dance was coming next.  All she could think about was her secret project.  It would only take about 4 or 5 more visits to old Mr.Ola at the Holualoa workshop for a final sanding and stringing, then the beautiful ukulele would be complete. She couldn't wait to surprise her father with it; she loved him so much and with this gift she hoped that he would give his blessing for her to attend the woodworking classes she so dearly dreamed of.  To create, with her own hands, the instruments tha tmade the music of her life: that was her strongest desire.

Tell Me a Story Quilt Blocks by Poppyprint

Every day he woke up the farm, then fulfilled his destiny with various hens in the coop. He was feeling rather important and vital to operations until the pig next door pointed out that all the eggs left daily in one basket and there hadn't been any new chicks for months.   It took a while for his tiny brain to sort it all out, but the gig was up: Rodney was just now realizing that he was a glorified alarm cock.

That's all for now, folks. I think I'm going to make 25 blocks altogether for a fun little quilt, so more are on the way!


Sandi said...

What a fabulous morning coffee read! Spit out my coffee on the rooster story.

DianeY said...

Love them all, but especially Haunani's story!

linda said...

Seems like all my blog reads today are talking about the same block....

Dianne said...

Poor Rodney....what an alarming revelation

Elsa said...

Love the story about Cecil and Jean ~ well, really all of them. Looking forward to seeing them all together!

LynneP said...

What a GREAT imagination you have!

SarahZ said...

I am truly enthralled by your stories Krista...but then I go back and just look at the blocks you have made and they are simply pretty, even without the stories. Such fun!

Rene' said...

You had me laughing so much on Instagram when you posted your blocks and stories that surely I burned some calories! ;-))) I was planning on purchasing Amy's book at some point, but I immediately placed my order after seeing all your cute blocks and reading your stories. How many blocks are you up to now?