Tuesday, September 22, 2009

La Tour Eiffel

Bonjour mes amis! Today for you, un petit projet adorable (oh, how I wish I was bilingual). My niece who lives waaaaaaay far away on Prince Edward Island (not Paris, France) will soon celebrate her 8th birthday. In her second year of French Immersion, said niece is loving the French language, and like many young girls, harbours romantic visions of life in Paris a la Madeleine (without the unfortunate orphan part). Me, I dream of warm baguettes and brie, a delicious cafe au lait and a Hermes scarf tied artfully around my neck.....ah, c'est la vie!

My ultra-creative sister has a plan to transform her home into the neighbourhoods of Paris for the birthday party. Luckily, I just so happened to have an Eiffel Tower stitchery on hand (pattern from Australian Country Threads mag) and was able to transform it into a quilted pillow cover that I will soon send on it's way....waaaaaaay across the country (almost 5000 km!).

Oh, how I wish we all lived closer together. Or that our national airline provided flights between sisters in the same country at a rate reasonable for annual visits.

Imagine, we could actually rendez-vous in Paris for much less. Quelle bonne idee!

Bonne fete Mademoiselle Fiona!


Beata said...

'Love the Eiffel Tower Krista!Very sweet... I'm so happy that you've started a blog -- I've always thought (never told you though) that you should have a blog... It's looking great, by the way...

Poppyprint said...

Thanks Beata! You've gone a long way in inspiring me. It's a little nerve-wracking, wondering if anyone will come and visit me...thanks for letting me know you did! Let's get together soon.