Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mystery Machine

Are you thinkin' Shaggy & Scooby? Velma, Daphnie & Fred? Well, under normal circumstances I would be too, however this mystery is quilting-related and I don't think those kids had enough time off from hunting down Swamp Creatures and Snow Monsters to pick up needle and thread.

Last night at our guild meeting my fabulous friend Dianne introduced us to this year's program. It's a mystery quilt project! Dianne is a rare person; one who actually owns a copy of EQ6 and isn't afraid to use it. She spent her summer (in part) designing a lap-sized quilt with month by month instructions for us to make it. For $10 you could choose a sealed paper bag from her overflowing basket. At every guild meeting up to May 2010, we'll receive another page of instructions, each one taking us closer to solving the mystery. It is really fun at the end of the year to see how different and amazing all the quilts are. Plus, you have an entire month to complete each step - surely I can do that. Yes, I can.

Later in the meeting, we were instructed to open our bags and take a look at the first set of instructions. Along with the instructions, everyone got one of these:

I'm so happy mine wasn't brown. I mean, I can work with brown, but just not as my main-inspiration-sort-of-fabric. It's just too......brown. I have lots of favourite pink fabric, and pink does go with brown, so you never know. The instructions for the first month explain that we should use one of these: find a complimentary colour for our gumball in several different values. I have owned a colour wheel for years, but rarely pull it out when putting fabric together for a project. I mostly just 'wing it' and go with what looks right to me. As a result, Results Have Varied.

Stay tuned as I'll post on my progress each month.
I'm off to find my mini-skirt and go-go boots so I can start solving this mystery!

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trudys_person said...

Congratulations on the blog Krista! It's great! I've subscribed in google reader, so I'll be checking in very regularly. See you soon! Paula