Monday, September 21, 2009

What's in a Name?

When my children were in Montessori pre-school, one of our favourite teachers was Donna D. One day we invited Donna over for tea in the garden. When she saw all of our giant poppy seed pods towering over all of the other leaves (and let's face it, weeds), she asked if we'd ever tried using them as stampers. Pre-schoolers don't need much more encouragement than that, when it comes to inkpads, paper and something to stamp out over and over and over!

When I saw the amazing symmetry and lines in the stamped images, I knew right away I had found my 'logo', my 'company name' and something to look forward to. One day, I might even sell something I'd made, and this would be me: Poppyprint.

I mean, just look at these gorgeous images! Nature is astounding in her perfection, especially when it comes to the garden. I'm a 'plant it and hope it lives' gardener. These poppies have thrived under my negligence and really taken over. I can only hope my 'at home' creating will be equally prolific with just a little bit more care and nurturing...

The velvety bits are perfectly suited to stamping - they soak up the ink and transfer it back to paper beautifully. The trick is to not let the pods dry out too much, because then the velvet dries up and gets too hard. Every image is slightly different from the next, and all of them are lovely. I'm going to try stamping on fabric with next year's crop!

Thank you Donna D.!


PatchworkPottery said...

YAY! Congratulations Krista & Welcome to Blogland! And the excitement of full-time quilting & creating! I wish you luck on your new path in life!!! Biggest Hugs, Laurraine

PatchworkPottery said...

PS The poppy prints are beautiful. You must have been stamping your little heart out too get the most from your poppies before they dried out! I love your company name! Laurraine

Susie said...

Your presence will certainly brighten up blogland, Krista! It looks fab ~ big happy congrats to you!

Pam said...

Hi Krista. Nice to see you blogging. Have fun with it.. don't spend so much time blogging that you can't organinze our QBTB!! LOL

paulette said...

Wow..makes me want to go back to teaching Grade One...correction...ALMOST makes me want to go back to teaching Grade One! Just slap me when I say things like that!! Sheeesh!