Friday, September 25, 2009

Gathered Threads

gathered threads 004

On most Fridays, a lively, lovely, talented group of friends gather to stitch. The gatherings, referred to as "stitch" and comprised of friends, referred to as "Gathered Threads", take place in our homes on a rotating basis. The entire group is 9, but sometimes we're only 3, or 4, or 5 depending on other commitments. There is usually lots of LIVELY conversation. A small sampling of today's topics: quilts for Canadian soldiers returned from Afghanistan, the B.C. wine controversy, anniversary weekend escapades (more later) and the importance of having a will (better get on that). Best of all, we support each other, we are free to express opinions (yay, because we all have'em!) and all of us love fabric, needle and thread.

I've been missing these gals all summer - it was just too difficult to pull myself away from swimming pools, the beach, bike rides, backyard badminton and other holiday adventures to attend Stitch. Now that T & D are back in school, I'm back at Stitch. Yippee!

gathered threads 003

Today it was an embroidery project for me (Crabapple Hill #411).

gathered threads 005

These hands were busy with binding.

gathered threads 007

And these ones, applique.

gathered threads 014

But these little puppy-paws had to wait patiently on the porch!

Happy weekend!