Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The olden days...

iron collection 2

Is this not the most gorgeous set of old irons? I just fell in love with these beauties lined up all tickety-boo in the window sill. A few weekends ago, B and I ventured to B.C.'s south interior, to wine country, to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. Between the wine tasting, we rode our mountain bikes on a section of the Kettle Valley Railway. After a couple of hours of climbing out of Naramata, we came upon the Chute Lake Lodge. Now, this is definitely the Lodge That Time Forgot. Collections of antiques and curiosities were everywhere!

In this day and age of Rowenta Power Steam Pressing Systems, it is always nice to look back and reflect on the tools that were available to our grandmothers and great-grandmothers as they created their quilts from worn-out family clothing and linens. I'm thinking our foremothers must have had rather large biceps...those irons are H E A V Y! Those are the times I think of as the olden days. My kids, however, occasionally ask me questions about my olden days, "you know, like when you were in high school, Mom." Jeesh.

I'm off on a shopping trip this morning, looking for my mystery quilt fabrics. I need three fabrics (a light, medium and dark) of my main colour - pink - and the same of it's complimentary colour - green. While I am amassing quite a stash of too-small and worn out stripey cotton shirts, recycled clothing just doesn't provide the yardage I need for this project. Therefore, I will go the modern route and buy it. Brand new. Crisp. Delicious fabric.

I'll be back soon to show you my mystery quilt collection!

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What Comes Next? said...

Just found your blog via Quilter's Connection and had to comment re the Chute Lake Lodge! What a wonderful collection of things they have. Its been a few years now, but my husband and I rode that section of the Kettle Valley and camped by the Lodge. Had a wonderful roast beef dinner with delish apple pie all cooked up in the wood burning stove. Took all day, but oh it was good! Does make you realize just how easy we have it, and wonder why we don't have more free time??!!
Thank you for the memories!