Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Canadian Sampler Start

Last year I was invited to participate in a very exciting and patriotic project organized by the clever people at Sew Sisters, a long time partner here at Poppyprint. Having been born in the summer of Canada's Centennial year, it has always been easy to keep track of my milestone birthdays because there's typically a national event around every biggie.  So you can easily guess the whopper of a birthday I'm celebrating this summer!

The Canadian Sampler celebrating Canada's 150th birthday is 100% Canadian designed (by designers from coast to coast) and administered by the folks at Sew Sisters*. You can still sign up! While not generally keen on BOM's or sewalongs because I always lose interest before completing these projects, I have the extra incentive of always wanting to make a red and white quilt. At first I considered going all scrappy red, but most of my stash leans towards orangey reds. Instead, I chose Karen Lewis' Flowerbed print (on gorgeous "Chinese Red") from her first line of commercially screened Kona. The unique block designs don't scream Traditional Sampler to me. I like it.  I'm making it.

Here's the first block, designed by Daphne Greig. It is called Pacific Stars.  The beginning of this work coincides with a short lecture I'm preparing at the request of the VMQG board on the importance of accuracy. As I mentioned on IG the other day, sometimes it feels good to try hard (after a lot of improv work!).

The Canadian Sampler blocks from

The Canadian Sampler blocks from
One of the tips I'll be sharing is to piece with geese points on top, to ensure you don't cut off your points with the seam. You can see on the left white point, my seam fell just outside the point (yay) and on the red point, my seam fell exactly on top of the point (which will require a good press). Both worked to preserve the point.

The second block designed by Sandy is so cute. A very appropriate element of the Canadian winter uniform, the toque! We've been wearing way more toques than ball caps out here on the west coast this winter. People are so tired of the snow, but not me. I find it much easier to get through this time of year when the ground is white and the air is crisp. I love snow and always will.

The Canadian Sampler blocks from

I'm not sure what month will feature my block design, but I'm looking forward to it because I've designed a very cool quilt with it that I'm eager to share. 

*I would like everyone to know that Sew Sisters very fairly compensated all of the designers who worked on this quilt, which is much appreciated in this industry that constantly asks designers to work for free.


felicity said...

Centennial babies represent!! I was planning to do the scrappy thing. Still need to get started.

OPQuilt said...

Congratulations! I love the Chinese red and think it will make a stunning quilt. And bravo to you for having a mid-century birthday this year (thanks to your hint). Auspicious event to celebrate with a quilt! PS: I loved the bottom notice about compensation: hooray!

Karen said...

Love the fabric you chose--and I can only aspire to your piecing skills! Looking forward to seeing your block. And I'm so glad to see that all of you are being compensated for your work! As much as I love free things from quilters, I always feel guilty that they are not being fairly paid for their talent and creativity.

KaHolly said...

Very impressive!

Dianne said...

I love your choice of fabric Krita! Can't wait to see what you designed with your block.
Nice shout out to SS re the fair compensation. Good on them!