Saturday, June 29, 2013


I've got it bad. I've always loved log cabins (and vow to live in one before I die), and log cabin quilt blocks, too. Why I have never made a log cabin quilt is beyond me. I've made variations, but never a traditional style one. It's on the list....the very LONG list!

So, when I set out to make my slabs for Cheryl and her Recover Southern Alberta relief effort, no matter how hard I tried to make slabs (or crumb blocks as they are sometimes known), I just kept coming up log cabins!

15.5" slab blocks by Poppyprint

One problem is that most of my scraps are larger in size, or already cut into strips. It seems counter-productive to cut them smaller, but that's what I had to do.

15.5" slab blocks by Poppyprint

I started to get the hang of it and was posting my blocks to Instagram when Cheryl commented to try and make smaller slabs, then join them together. This was very helpful, because I was always thinking about the block as a whole 15.5" hunk as I built it.

Finally, my pink scraps lead me to success:


These blocks took about 30 minutes each and are completely addictive to make. I have to really tear myself away from making more because my TO DO list prior to leaving for the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London is still rather long. I know there are many who are busily making slab blocks to send on to Calgary, are you? Cheryl is hoping to distribute quilts in early September so she needs blocks in August.  Mine went in the mail yesterday.

I've heard many families might be out of their homes for 6 months or more which is heartbreaking news. I know these quilts will bring comfort to people living out of hotel rooms and trying to rebuild their lives. Thanks to Cheryl for facilitating this project so we can help from far away.


Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

They look great!
As my daughter is one of those in Calgary that is displaced from her home for at least 4 months, I thank you on behalf of all the flood victims! Hard to I imagine loosing everything you own :(

Andrea said...

I definitely have log cabinitis, or square in square itis. LOL Thanks for contributing to the slab collective. I've started making some, and yes they are so fun to make.

paulette said...

If you are going to get an Itis, I can't think of a better one to get!! Your blocks look awesome!

CitricSugar said...

These look great!! And I <3 log cabins in a major way.

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

Your blocks look bright and happy and appropriately sized to me. I have been making some similar fabric pieces for challenges at the 15 minutes play site, and have the same issue with big scraps. Part of that is because it takes too much time using tiny little pieces, and I tend to throw them out anyway..
I would have loved to meet up with you in London, maybe another year:)

Heather D. said...

All 3 are beautiful Krista, even if some are not quite what the block is supposed to be!

Unknown said...

They're beautiful, I too had started to fuse fabrics and made couple of log cabin design....yours are very colorful and beautiful....:-)

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Have to admit I prefer the green ones, I am hoping Lucie will slap some improv-ability into me!

Unknown said...

I was making very similar blocks a few weeks ago and had to tear myself away. Pretty darn addictive.

I love that you're making these for Calgary and will get right on doing the same here. Beautiful idea!

Kristie said...

I will make some! Flooding is a bitch...we lost our cottage in a flood here 2 years ago and our neighbors there, who were permanent residents, STILL are out of their home! It is really devastating, I feel for them :( Nice job on your blocks!