Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Flying Fish

This project is the first one I tackled on retreat. I wanted to make something first just for me, out of fabric I love (and have been coveting on my shelf for several years...just waiting...patiently for the right pattern to come along). Presto! The talented John (QuiltDad) published his "Flying Fish Table Runner" pattern in the premier issue of Fat Quarterly (a most inspiring e-zine bursting with inspiration and patterns!). As soon as I saw the photos I knew it would be perfect for my Japanese linen/indigo collection.

Flying Fish Table Runner

I used a soft grey Kona solid for the background. White was a little too harsh and made the dragonfly wings in the border look dirty (and we can't have dirty little dragonfly wings!). The linens are a coarse weave and much thicker than the Kona cotton, so pressing was a challenge, to say the least.

Flying Fish table runner

I'm not that happy about all of the little wrinklies, but I think that's what happens when you use fabrics of two different weights. It's hard to avoid. Check out my points, though! (little pat on my own back).

I LOVE this table runner and would love some feedback on quilting ideas. The seams are very thick at the points, so those will have to be avoided. Sandi had a nice idea of doing circles, which might looks really great in a sashiko-style running stitch with light grey perle cotton. I am considering backing the runner with a homespun fabric and just quilting thru the two layers (no batting, no binding), so that it is more table-toppish and less quilt. What do you think?

Several of the linens with block printing came straight from Tokyo. B went there for business about 8 years ago, just when I had started quilting. I sent him with a 50 US dollar bill and asked him to very politely request that the wife of his Japanese colleague use it to purchase some fabric of her choice for me. She had lived in the States for a few years, so I'm sure she was used to the North American style of asking for favours....anyway, she happily spent my money and spent it well!

To see what I made with the linen scraps, stop by tomorrow!

Oh, and if you're here from Sew Mama Sew for Giveaway Day, that's two posts down...keep scrolling (there are some nice pix to look at on the way)!


Krista said...

Impressive! And a great way to use fabric that you love.

I tried doing the Flock of Triangles quilt in the Denyse Schmidt book and all of the rows turned out to be different sizes... those triangles are fussy creatures. It looks like you've got it figured out!

Amy Friend said...

It's beautiful. I love the idea of Sashiko style quilting. That would suit it so well. I have never quilted without batting but it sounds like it might work well for your situation.

Dianne said...

B E A U T I F U L !!!!!!! And I do love the idea of Sashiko quilting.

Gaye said...

Hey Krista, another beauty. Looking forward to seeing it in person.

paulette said...

Gorgeous!!! Just lovely!