Sunday, October 25, 2009

Winning Weekend

I am completely exhausted. In a good way. Well, except for the head ache. So many exciting things are going on, I don't know where to start....I think I'll make a list.

1. On Friday during my whirlwind cooking, packing, fabric preparing, grocery shopping, entertaining kids while getting ready for QBTB, I took a wee latte break & checked my Flickr page. Lo and behold a message! An ad agency wanted to contact me regarding one of my pictures because they wanted to buy it! Like, with real money! Nothing like the offer of $ for something you weren't even trying to sell (and not far from Christmas, either!). Naturally, I called right away. After some nice conversations about pixels and potential prices (but without first obtaining consent from my model) I agreed. It is not a done deal; they still have to present it to their client, but if all goes well, B may be gracing the cover of a tourism magazine for the interior of British Columbia next summer.

beb from Kettle Valley Railway

I'll keep you posted as I should find out in about 2 weeks. Even if it doesn't happen, the thrill of being asked will last a lot longer than those 2 weeks!!

2. For 13 hours on Saturday, I got to hang out with 23 of my quilting buds sewing, eating and having a generally fabulous time. I can't believe it, but after all of the packing up and driving to the hall and setting up, I realized I had left my camera at home, charging. Rats!

3. B came to pick me & all my gear up, help pack away the tables and clean the hall. Then, we came home and transformed ourselves for a Hallowe'en party (sorry, he's too shy to share - it was his first event in drag and it may take a few more before he's up for posting photos). I can let you know that he totally rocked it as HRH, the Queen of England. Super fun time with friends, complete with impromptu group line dance to Disco Fever! Burn, Baby Burn!

4. Then today, after returning from a killer soccer game (killer-bad due to 8 a.m. start, after 2 a.m. bedtime, and killer-good due to D scoring several amazing goals!) I finally sat down to peruse blogland. Well, much to my surprise and sheer delight this is what I saw at the top of my dashboard:

Hey, that's me! Really? I won a giveaway? I LOVE sweetjessie's fabric garland and think that she is indeed sweet to be sending it to me. Thanks Jessie!!

5. Ok, nearing the end of the report. For me this is a biggie, just cuz I've been a major follower and fan of everything they do at sew, mama, sew. I think the sms gals run an incredibly efficient shop, blog and forum, provide tons of resources for 'the modern sewist' and generally do a wonderful job helping creative people connect and share. And I'm not just saying that to win $50 in fabric from their shop. Honestly. But check it out, my Crop Circle Table Runner tutorial made it onto their post yesterday amongst other fab entries to their Scrap Buster Tutorial Contest.

Crop Circle Table Runner

Wow. What a weekend. Like I said, totally exhausted, in a good way. Looking forward to a nice hot bowl of chicken soup, the Amazing Race and my pillow.

After a good night's sleep, I'll take some pix of my finishes from retreat yesterday and I do believe I should get busy devising some sort of giveaway - Must. Share. The. Love.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Krista (and family) on your exciting weekend. I LOVED QBTB! I enjoyed seeing the gals and sewing some and eating all that delicious food. Looking forward to the next one!
Jo Ann

Karmen said...

I just discovered your blog. My oh my! I am so happy! Thanks for the great pictures and wonderful narrative. Karmen

Shasta Matova said...

Congratulations. It is a beautiful photo.