Friday, December 23, 2016

Nerdy 9-Patch

Here's a quick little post about my The 9-Patch Equation quilt I made for an APQ-sponsored QuiltCon2017 challenge. The quilt wasn't selected for the show, but I had fun making it!

3/4" 9-patch by Poppyprint

My idea was to piece the smallest 9-patch possible by machine (it finishes at 3/4", so each of the 9 patches is finished at 1/4"). That 9-patch would form the middle square of the next 9-patch, which would form the middle square of the next 9-patch and so on. When I have an idea, I like to just start making instead of obsessing over detailed sketches...and sometimes this approach leads me to the conclusion that a sketch and calculations might have actually helped in the beginning ; )

9-Patch Equation by Poppyprint

The 9-Patch Equation by Poppyprint

The 9-patches got pretty boring, pretty fast. Once the middle block reached about 8" square, the large fields of black and white just didn't serve the composition. I cut down the inner blocks to make them asymmetrical, so the final quilt is still nine 9-patches each with increasingly smaller 9-patch centres. There's math in here somewhere.

The 9-Patch Equation by Poppyprint
Straight-line quilted with Auriful 40wt. The backing is a large-scale Lotte Jansdotter print, binding is the perfect black and white + print from Cotton & Steel and I used white cotton blend batting.

The final dimensions of this little quilt are 34" x 42". As soon as I got the word that it wasn't going to be in the show, I put it up for sale for $300 on IG (still available!), thinking this would be the ultimate baby quilt to gift some Big Bang-loving, math-nerd new parents. Babies are very visually stimulated by the stark contrast of black and white! Do you know someone who'd love The 9-Patch Equation? Let me know!

In happy news, both my Round Peg, Square Hole and Ice Road quilts were juried into the show, so they will be winging their way to Savannah, GA in the new year. I won't be accompanying them due to so much other travel in 2017, but I am very excited to share these quilts with QuiltCon2017 show-goers and I thank the jury for the opportunity.

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