Tuesday, June 7, 2016

"Will I Remember Colour?" - a Quilt Show Challenge

It is time once again for my traditional guild's bi-annual show this weekend! I'm always very excited about our show for many reasons: we have a very active guild of talented quilters who go all-out to make beautiful quilts for the show, we encourage & celebrate all kinds of quilting styles, the venue is amazing with lots of space & natural light, there's a fabulous member's boutique (that I coordinate), a tea room and a big merchant mall!

This year I am pleased to say that I managed to complete a challenge quilt.  The theme was "Quilt Me a Story" and the idea was to create a small quilt no more than 60" in perimeter inspired by a favourite story or book.  Of all the books I've read recently, I was most affected by reading the Still Alice by Lisa Genova.  I resisted this book, thinking it would be horribly depressing, but I'm very glad that I read it, because while it is indeed incredibly sad, the story left me with a peace that is hard for me to explain.

While considering the quilt challenge, I thought about my creative life, my loves and how memory loss might affect me (my paternal Grandmother lived to a very old age, but suffered severe dementia in her last 10 years). What would happen to my work if I could not remember the names of colours? Would working with colour be the same, just without the words? Would colour still bring me joy? How would I put colours together?

"Will I Remember Colour?" A quilted response to the book Still Alice. 11 2/2" square. Piecing techniques à la Gwen Marston.
Will I Remember Colour?
 11 1/2" square

This quilt was made using the Small Studies techniques I learned from Gwen Marston last spring. I used Oakshott scraps that I had on hand and tried to work fairly quickly without giving much thought to colour theory or what I normally like together.

In addition to finishing up this challenge, I've been busy making items to sell in the boutique. I really enjoy doing this for every show. It is a great way to support the guild, enhance our show and also bring in a bit of cash for summer fun! (sorry, only iphone photos, no time for proper photography this week!).

Wool card wallets by Poppyprint. Used off its of expensive industrial wool to make these.
Industrial woolfelt off-cuts were turned into card wallets

Rope bowls by Poppyprint
I love making these rope bowls!

Tiny scraps of Liberty tana lawn on their way to becoming earrings!

And finally, here's my show ribbon. We started a fun tradition a few shows ago, inspired by the Parksville Quilter's Guild, to award home made ribbons to fellow guild members in fun categories. Each member of the show-organizing committee gets to choose their own category and award the ribbon to the quilt of their choice. Member's love it and it gives an opportunity for everyone to have a chance at a ribbon!  For this show, I chose "1/2 Square Triangles" (last show, I did Best Use of Solids and the show before that I did Travel Inspired Quilt). 

The ribbon I made to be awarded to a quilt with impressive 1/2 square triangles at my traditional guild show this weekend.

If you are local, I hope you'll visit us this Friday or Saturday at Capilano University. Come find me in the boutique!



Susan Snooks said...

Love your quilt and the fabrics you've used-it is a wonderfully graphic design that offers much to the viewer! And what interesting ideas too about remembering and forgetting colour names...

Sandi said...

Can't wait to see your quilt on Friday! Love the Lions Gate show!

Dianne said...

I'm loving this post Krista. Now I'm feeling that Still Alice needs to be on my must read list.
Your ribbon is great and is going to be so appreciated!
Can't wait for the show to open!

Lisa J. said...

Your show looks like it will be wonderful. I love the challenge quilt you made and all the items for the boutique. It's too far away for me to attend but I would if I was near by.

Pumlans flitiga fingrar said...

Lovely quilt!

Esther Dunn said...

Inspiring Krista!! Best wishes for a wonderful show!