Friday, November 27, 2015

Pouch Production and Sewing Beyond Cotton

While at our annual Loon Lake retreat in mid-November, several of us got busy trying out some of the awesome projects in Krista Fleckenstein's new book Beyond Cotton. Krista is super clever and an amazing artist to boot, so she's got some incredible ideas on how to expand our work beyond cotton just like the title says.

Beyond Cotton

I started out making pouches using Krista's easy pattern. I didn't have leather on hand with me at retreat, so I substituted Craft-Tex (a C&T paper product that is totally washable and strong like leather!). I'd pre-washed and crinkled my Craft-Tex before retreat, hoping that I'd be able to use it for some project or other.  These pouches will be gifted at Christmastime. I was nervous using chunky metal zips, but I didn't break a single needle and I'm so pleased with how nicely the zipper ends appear once the pouch is turned right-side out. Plus, I got to use some of my treasured Japanese linen collection!

Sewing from Krista Fleckenstein's new book Beyond Cotton.

Zip pouches by Poppyprint
I made these smaller versions after returning home and getting my hands on some lovely upholstery-grade vegan leather (otherwise known as vinyl).

I also followed Krista's pattern to make leather boxes (again using Craft-Tex) and got to try riveting thanks to friends that had brought along the hardware and tools. There was a lot of banging on this retreat as we were riveting all the things with hammers!  This is a very tiny box, so to avoid confusion I stamped exactly what might fit in it onto the bottom of the box *wink*.

Sewing from Krista Fleckenstein's new book Beyond Cotton.

Finally, Krista had sent along a few leather cuff kits for us to try our hand at punching a pattern of holes and then using them to embroider a design with floss. I was feeling a bit lazy, so I stole Katie's carefully prepared design template and copied her bracelet completely.  Here's a photo with all of our lovely leather cuffs!


I've since visited a leather supply store here in Vancouver. I must say, it is not a cheap endeavour. Keep an eye out for free leather couches on Craigslist!! There may also be some industrial felt winging it's way to me right now for some more fun projects out of the book. Next, I want to try some stamping on canvas. Check out Krista's sweet tutorial and make your own wrapping paper this year.

Thank you for so much fun, Krista!! 


Katie said...

I seriously love the book. My copy should be here Monday or Tuesday! Can't wait to make all the things.

Shirley said...

Where can you purchase Craft/Tex? I'm from Toronto... But I could still order from BC .

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Gorgeous little projects, Krista. There's only two weeks until school finishes up for the year for us so I am looking out for teachers' gifts - these fit the bill very nicely!

Elsa said...

Love your pouches and use of 'vegan leather' ~ such a great idea! I've got lots of little gifts to make in the next couple of weeks ~ thanks for the inspiration!

Lisa J. said...

Interesting post. Love those pouches.

Dianne said...

It was our loudest retreat to date but the results were totally worth it! It is very cool that so many of you are taking up the Beyond Cotton challenge and creating beautiful things. I'll be sure to pass along any vegan or actual leather that I come across ;)

Teresa Duryea Wong said...

Love, love the pouches! Especially love the container for little shit! Perfect :) Its so weird because I too have just started learning to sew with leather. Its fun and challenging... and something different.