Monday, December 16, 2013

A Christmas Greenhouse

Making special gifts for family and dear friends is what Christmas is all about for me, and I know many of you, too.  The minute I saw Amy's Victorian Greenhouse pattern for foundation paper piecing, I knew that I would make it for my lovely friend. She recently inherited her mother's sweet greenhouse and after dismantling, transporting and setting it up in her own backyard, she spent last summer filling it with various seedlings, tomatoes, strawberries and a sweet garden chair.  I know it is very special to her, and that it will enrich her garden fully, not only with warm memories, but also vibrant, healthy plants.

Victorian Greenhouse by Poppyprint

We share a love of Liberty prints, so I had a look through the stack of tana lawn that I brought back from London last July to find just the right print to fill the greenhouse. I used my own poppy-printed fabric for the ground and Joel Dewberry's new woodgrain in grey for the border.  The foundation print is one of rocks that I've had for years and had never found a use for. It is perfect here.

Victorian Greenhouse by Poppyprint

The pattern, although featuring some super skinny strips, was very easy to sew on the foundation. I used a product called "Fundation" printable sheets  to print the pattern directly from my printer.

Victorian Greenhouse by Poppyprint

I sewed ties into the top and bottom seams (between the pillow front and back) to keep the back overlap from gaping. 

My friend visited with her family yesterday and we exchanged our heartfelt gifts. I was absolutely thrilled to receive the most beautiful hand-woven tea towel from the first cloth she has created on her table-top loom. You can see the blogpost about her newest obsession, and my treasured gift, here.  While Christmas is definitely a time of giving, I will freely admit to being a most appreciative receiver as well!

Victorian Greenhouse by Poppyprint

I hope you are enjoying spending some time sewing for special people in your life, too!


Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Great gifts all round.
I am still a little in panic sewing mode, but I can see the end of the list at last xxx

Catherine said...

I love that greenhouse pattern!

Katy Cameron said...

Beautiful greenhouse :o)

Leanne said...

I love the tea towel she made you. You might have noticed my love of interesting tea towels in London. Your pillow is wonderful too, such a thoughtful gift.

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

I ain't sewing nothin' for no one this year. Wheeee!
I love your greenhouse and how much fun it is to customise gifts for friends. And I love your tea towel - how cool that she is weaving her own. I would have no idea but wish I had a friend who did, like you!

Kristie said...

Whoa. Beautiful green house and way cool tea towel!! Crafting success story right here :)

Indianna said...

it's a fabulous greenhouse and I love all the Liberty flowers. It's nice to have friends that also appreciate handmade.

Judy Ann said...

You did a great job with this block! The pattern, itself, is wonderfully charming and your fabric choices and execution are perfect.

Brenda said...

wow! both gifts are lovely!

Adrianne @ On the Windy Side said...

What a fabulous exchange of gifts! Your greenhouse pillow is gorgeous and the hand woven tea towal is amazing too. I love exchanging handmade gifts with crafty friends - they really get it!