Sunday, June 12, 2011

241 4ME (and an insider scoop 4U)

Hey look, I made myself something! As soon as I saw Anna's post about her latest pattern, the 241 Tote, I snapped up that .pdf download faster than you can click ctrl-alt-delete.

Then, the fabric hunt began. I like to make my bags from home-dec weight but I've already made bags from all of the home-dec in my stash. I've had mixed results using fusible interfacing to lend body to quilting weight cotton. Home-dec is where it's at for bags people. Trust me. I've made A LOT of purses/bags/totes. But apparently I needed one more.

One day, reading the lovely Cindy's blog, I learned about Jessica Jones and her gorgeous new line Outside Oslo. Eureka! Cindy was kind enough to enable me with a handy link to an online shop selling Jessica's fabric. Again, those lightening fast fingers got me onto the shop's website and before I knew it my shopping cart was full and I'd typed my credit card number (from memory) into the checkout form. It's just too easy, isn't it?

Here it is:

241 Bag by Poppyprint

I made the version with open, outside pockets in lieu of zip pockets, because frankly, I'm well beyond the days of taking toddlers to the public washroom and losing my cell phone into the drink when I lean over to help with the wipe up (anyone else? I know I'm not alone here!). I like having my phone accessible so I don't have to freak out when it rings in the library/doctor's waiting room/pilates class (gasp, I forgot to turn it off!) while frantically searching all through my purse to find it. Why is it when your phone rings at inappropriate times, you automatically search through every pocket where your phone is NOT before locating it in the pocket where it actually IS?

inside my 241 bag
Lining, once again, is Arcadia by Sanae

I added a key fob to the lining. I tell myself I'll do this in every new bag, then I promptly forget. Not this time! Losing keys in the bottom of a generously-sized tote is something that drives me bonkers.

As I often do, I used my machine triple-straight-stitch for all of the top-stitching. Then, in order to continue the side panel print up onto the strap, I pieced the strap smack in the middle where it goes over my shoulder, so that the print is right side up on both sides of the strap! I also lengthened the strap by 4".

topstitch detail on my 241 bag

I did add some body to this bag by fusing polyester batting to the wrong side of the home-dec fabrics (I left the quilting weight lining as-is, no added interfacing). I'm really happy with this solution and will continue to use fusible batting on my larger tote bag projects. Sometimes for smaller purses, I just baste a layer of heavy canvas to the wrong side of the outer purse fabric and that is enough to lend weight to quilting cottons.

SCOOP TIME: If you are relatively new around here and haven't yet had a chance to read back through all of my 308 posts to the beginning (jeez people, what are you doing with all of your time, anyway?) AND if you've lost sleep wondering just how I came up with the name Poppyprint -- well, ask no more. Your answer is here. Yup, I'm the Name Game feature today! Stop by, get the scoop and sleep well tonight. Thanks for having me, Cindy!

SCOOP PART DEUX: Are you on to Natalie's book tour yet? Yes, Miss Cinderberry Stitches herself has the sweetest new book of patterns out and you don't want to miss your chance at winning a signed copy! Check out all of the tour stops for your chance to win. When you come back here on Thursday, there will even be an extra special somethin-somethin (or should I say someone-someone?) for Poppyprint readers. See you then!

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I told you June was going to be exciting! And there's still more to come!


Lesly said...

Wow! I adore that bag in those prints - FABULOUS choice!

Unknown said...

Great bag Kirsta - and I was delighted to see you were 'reviewing' Natatalie's book - I look forward to seeing what you've maybe done and what you think of it

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Beautiful! I love those fabrics in this bag!!

P├ętra said...

Love the bag! I've been wanting to make something with that fabric great combination.

Amy Friend said...

Now with the extra 4 inches do you wear the strap across your body or is that just a more comforable length? I like the fusible batting too. I added that to the cosmetic bags that I made recently and thought it might work nicely on a bag...good to note that it does. I like the key fob in the lining. I MUST remember that as I am always digging for my keys with one hand while holding P with the other. Thanks for the scoop. I am still gearing up to make a bag but haven't settled on what bag. It looks great!

Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

Fabulous bag - you really are the queen of bags these days Pops

dutchcomfort said...

Love that fabric and your bag looks so great! Thanks for all the info on interfacing, fabrics etc.

Live a Colorful Life said...

That bag really looks great in those fabrics! And thanks for playing along on the Name Game!

Patti said...

Yeah! You got your 241 tote done. It is spectacular...inspired choice of fabric. I think my next 241 will have a longer strap as well.
Also enjoyed reading about you on The Name Game!
Hopefully tonight the CUP comes home to Canada!!!

Anonymous said...

Your 241 bag turned out great Krista! I have the pattern and some marimeko fabric to make it now to find some time....
Great interview on the Name Game as well. Am looking forward to a stamping good time with you and Sandi!
This is 2N Dianne by the way. Darned google...grrr!

Katie B said...

This bag puts the "fun" in "functional"!

(yes I really typed that.)

Love the exterior fabrics, and the Arcadia? My fave!

Tracey Jacobsen said...

that is a great bag. :) I just recently made the Amy Butler cosmo bag... and HOLY INTERFACING! Way too much cutting and pressing!

I decided I'm going home-dec weight from now on... and I'm glad you like it that way too. :)

Dianne said...

This is a test to see if google helped me with the posting issue. So sorry to use you as a guinea pig :0)

happy zombie said...

Holy schmokin' smokes - I LOVE YOUR BAG! I love the pattern (I may have to buy one too!), and I love the fabrics you chose. Hope you bring it to the slumber party!

Unknown said...

Love the bag! So nice to read about the Poppyprint name (which, if you recall, I put 2 and 2 together in a dream I had several months ago and suddenly understood why your blog was called that...) It suits you and your blog perfectly. Pops is an awesome nickname too. So much fun!

PinkGranny said...

Great bag! I like the key fob idea too.

Anonymous said...

Love the bag!

Helen in Switzerland said...

The bag is adorable and I need to remember to put a key fob in the next bag I make too....what is it about keys that they always manage to hide in the most inaccessible corners ....generally giving me heart failure because I think they're lost and gone for ever...and then they turn out to have sneaked into the pocket for my phone....but where's the phone gone?

Anna said...

love this krista! it turned out super fab! great addition of all the details that you like when making bags. :)

Kristen said...

Love the bag! I always like how you make it you! I love Miss Cinderberry's embroidery. She has a great sense of style.

Angela {fussycut} said...

such a pretty bag! Love your fabric choices. I have the pattern and plans to make a couple... need to get my butt in gear! :)

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Great the fabrics you've chosen :)

Unknown said...

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