Sunday, January 9, 2011

Riding High

Someone turned 12 this weekend. Here she is demonstrating her mad circus skills on her present. You've seen her in action before here, but she's 5 feet off the ground now! See that gorgeous grin of joy? By Thursday evening, it will be covered with metal. Braces, coming right up. Poor kid.

D's 12th birthday

Big brother T turned 14 the week before (hopefully his braces are coming off next month), so we've been busy transforming his room from 'little boy' to 'teen cave'. This involves about 1000 lbs of IKEA particle board. The good news is that he took on building all of his new furniture by himself, and we were able to donate his old stuff to the neighbour's little boy! At 5'10" we decided to just go for a queen sized bed, because I'm sure T will be taller than his Dad by summer. Honestly, he's growing before my very eyes. Don't even talk to me about shoes.

This blog will return to quilty/sewing action this week, I promise!!

Stuff has been happening behind the scenes even though you haven't seen any evidence of sewing here for ages. I've actually made a decent start on one of my private swaps (hand applique, even! Go me!), sorted out my colour scheme and chosen my block for the Quilting Divas Sampler Bee and organized my scraps into colour-coordinated clear drawers.

Now that Christmas, two birthdays and a teeny bit of tidying are complete, I'm ready for action! Stay tuned....


Amy Friend said...

Look at her up there! Wow!! It sounds like you have had a busy few weeks in your house. We are approaching an 8th birthday here.

paulette said...

Now THAT is difficult to do and way up high to boot!! Well done!!
Seems like only yesterday that our main concern around here was braces! Enjoy...time passes so quickly!! These are the good ol'days!!
Take care!

Tracey Jacobsen said...

That's at my height! :)

woo hoo! Happy Birthday girl!

Proud of your son for making all his own furniture.

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

I get nervous just looking at her; she's brave for sure, and so are you.-)
Sorting scraps is not just useful (and unfortunatley necessary), it also gives you a very nice fabric fix and lots of inspiration.
I thought you were easing up on your swap/bee thingie this year?

Dianne said...

D looks like she is having a great time!! Happy Birthday wishes to both her and T! What a nice Mom and Dad to give T a "young man cave" upon reaching the substantial age of 14. He is a lucky young man. Way to go on the scrap organization...that is someway off on my dream to do list!!!!

Unknown said...

that's some kinda talent! scary but talented!

and your son is 14 and 5'10" already? Holy mackerel, you realize it's just the beginning... he's gonna be TALLL! Well lucky him! I've heard that tall men are statistically more financially successful than short ones, so he's already got a leg up!