Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gifts that keep on giving

I'm sure that most of you would agree that handmade gifts are just the bees knees when it comes to Christmas (or any special occasion, really). That's why we take the time to create a homemade card for all of our family and friends each year, and why I stay up way too late most of December making things for others.

This year, I must say, I was thrilled that some friends set aside some of their precious time to make me some beautiful presents in the form of Christmas ornaments! These will remain treasures to enjoy for years to come.

Chickadee xstitch ornament
Made for me by my coffee buddy Shelley, who toiled for 2 days to get this done in time for our family dinner party together! Thanks Shelley!! (my name may or may not have been taken in vain at one or more times during those 2 days).

Pink Pine #13
Sent all the way from Norway and made by the incomparable Nina-Lise Moen of Mrs. Moen. Pink Pine #13

X-stitched tree
The sweetest, littlest tree x-stitched by my friend Lise-Lotte. How cute is this, about 1.5" across? Lise-Lotte also gifted me with some classic vintage stitchery that I will share soon.

This jaunty cardinal came to me at the December VMQG meeting ornament swap! I'm embarrassed to say that I neglected to write down the maker's name - I need to track her down at the January meeting. Edited to add: It was made by Deb!! Thanks for letting me know, Deb. I so miss the cardinals of the Ontario winters of my youth - he had a front and centre spot on my tree.

And finally, a new Jim Shore ornament from my sweet mom. It's called Quilting Bee. Isn't she cute?

Quilting Bee

I didn't purchase a single new ornament this year. I remember the early years of our marriage when I'd scour the craft fairs for ideas and make a bunch of ornaments out of pine cones, cinnamon sticks and ribbon. Then I went through a Santa phase and was buying any wooden, country-looking Santa ornaments that I saw. Now we've got a big bin stuffed with ornaments and only selected about 1/2 of them to use on our rather slender tree this year. We'll just have to get a chubbier tree next year!


Holly said...

I love handmade ornaments! I have a tradition of giving a new ornament to my mom and mother-in-law every year when we help them decorate their Christmas trees. I love my felt heart that I got from Karen at the VMQG swap this year!

Marglow said...

Hi Krista- its me, the former pfaff hater ;-). Thanks again- your a life saver!!!

Mette said...

Lovely gifts, Krista. I like handmade ornaments too. Our exchange student told us about their tradition of swatching ornaments for Christmas evrey year. Maybe we should arrange a swap next year.

Tracey Jacobsen said...

cute ornaments! :)

Dianne said...

What lovely friends you have and so talented!! I love handcrafted ornaments, every year I get to remember my mom my friends as I decorate and de-decorate my tree. The glass ornaments make it sparkle but the crafted with Love ornaments make it special.Your little Matrushka doll looks lovelier every year!

carol said...

Delightful! I should "do" more of'd be fun and a nice diversion! Thanks for the inspiration!