Friday, November 26, 2010

That Fluffy White Stuff

I'm not talkin' bout Polyfil.

This is the real thing. That cold, wintry blanket that falls from the sky in delicate crystal form making everything look calm, clean and ready for the new season. Unless of course you have to drive somewhere, in which case it's a slippery, white-knuckle-inducing mess.

Yesterday, I did have some errands to run, namely groceries for retreat tomorrow, but before that I enjoyed a lovely, quiet walk to school with D and the dog (in his little jacket, of course), collecting snowflakes on our woolly hats and kicking a path down the sidewalk with our boots. Flynn sniffed the entire way, accumulating hilarious piles of snow on top of his little nose.

garden shed nov. 25, 2010

I love our yard in winter. I could take photos of stuff piled with snow all day.

garden seating in winter

It wasn't a huge dump, but enough to get everyone in the spirit of winter. And for me to get the shovel out. I'm fairly hopeless in the garden, but I do have a favourite summer and winter job. Both are very satisfying, finite and do-able in about 1/2 hour. In summer, I mow the lawn with our push mower and in winter I shovel. Anything that can be shoveled. I love clearing snow. Which, I'm pretty sure, is why T was born 3 weeks early almost 14 years ago. I couldn't resist a rare Christmas snowfall in Vancouver and got out there at 36 weeks to shovel the steps, the walk, the sidewalk, the street. I was very happy. And then I had a baby.

deck stairs nov.25, 2010

Of course all this snow brings me to favourite winter activity #2, which is skiing. The local mountains are open and Whistler/Blackcomb is reporting amazing conditions. I likely won't get onto the slopes for a couple of weeks yet, but it's fun to see the kids waiting at the bus stop after school, snowboards in hand, goggles on head, en route to epic carving.

What is your favourite thing to do in winter?


Krista said...

We ended up getting almost a foot of snow yesterday too. We took our annual ski behind our house, and will maybe try to go downhill skiing sometime this weekend. The kids just finished helping with the snow removal and are working on forts and plans for snowball catapults.

Have fun at your retreat!

felicity said...

I love snowshoeing! This year G is old enough for her own snowshoes, I think, so as soon as we get some winter tires, we're heading to Grouse. Yay!

p.s. "And then I had a baby" cracked me up.

Kristen said...

I would think you would have a baby after that!

Hot chocolate and read a book. I love doing that since it is a very rare occasion these days. I love sledding at the mountain too.

Tracey Jacobsen said...

so pretty. I kind of wish we got snow down here. Stay safe and warm!

I haven't been able to comment, so I'm going to go add my thoughts to your other posts now. :)

carol said...

My favorite thing to do in winter is stay inside! I hate winter! Lord knows why I was born, raised, and stayed in Wisconsin.....BUT, at least it's not Canada where I think you have more snow than us! UGH! (Just wait, when you get old(er) you might not like it so much either. I used to like to shovel too.......I must have lost my mind!!)

dutchcomfort said...

Yesterday we already had some snow! Brrr, Winter is here to stay! I love the kind of silence a white covered world brings to us. When there’s lot of snow all sounds muffled and I love to watch people ice-skating in our Dutch landscapes.

maree said...

Beautiful photos - one day I would love to experience a winter wonderland ..... but just briefly! Today for me was 25degrees and clear blue sunkissed sky ..... oh I love summer:) Snuggle up. Ciao

Emma said...

Could you PLEASE stop blogging about snow and skiing? The jealousy is eating me up! Favourite thing to do in winter? Ski! But that requires a 10-12 hour drive!

Peggy said...

Favorite winter thing - walk in the snow, when it's new and clean and so very fresh! And this year - we get to do that early!!!

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

I would have to say taking a walk in the snow properly clothed in top-tp-toe-wool-and-fleece. Knitting things to keep us warm would be next on the list.

Micki said...

The photos are pretty...We got a bit of snow too. It is cold, but pretty outside.

rstogether said...

I'm with you baby - give me a snow shovel and a bright, quiet night and I'm in heaven. Or a good mower and some flat land with high grass. Mmmmmm.

Hope the sun shone for QBTB.

Dianne said...

So NOT interested in shoveling snow! However a nice walk on a crisp clear night through the snow or waking up on a Sunday with nowhere else I have to be and gazing out on a world all hushed with snow...priceless!

pinksuedeshoe said...

I love to shovel too. Even when it piles up as fast as you can clear it. Only, our HOA takes care of all the shoveling lately. But I love to watch the snow fall. It is magical. And I love that you love winter. It makes me like you more, if that were possible.