Sunday, November 28, 2010

Flickr, how do I love thee?

According to the statisticians over at Flickr, this photo of my little quilt has been viewed 2172 times, made a favourite by 107 people and received 91 lovely comments.

Allium mug rug by Poppyprint

If you make stuff, if you enjoy photography, if you like to share, then Flickr is for you. There is no other way I could have made a little 9" X 14" quilt and had that many people look at it, like it and tell me so.

When you spend a day in your sewing room all by yourself making stuff, sometimes you wonder (well I do, anyway) where it's all going? will anyone else like it? am I doing this right? Of course we should know the answer to all those questions intuitively: does it matter? It makes me happy to make stuff, just like it probably makes you happy, too. What makes me even happier, though, is being able to share and receive feedback from all over the world.

Poppyprint - mugrug pears 3
1,415 views, 96 comments, 94 favorites

Perhaps the even more a.may.zing part is that I would never have even made these two small quilts if it had not been for flickr in the first place. I wouldn't have even known about mug rugs, what they were, or even how to swap them, if flickr hadn't been the catalyst and meeting place for creative people to share with each other.

B and I got a flickr account a few years ago so we could share photos with our faraway family members. I had no idea that flickr was a community. I thought it was a giant server that functioned as a back-up for storing digital photos. Once again, I underestimated the power of that interweb thingy.

So, to the smarty pants that thought of and created Flickr before I could, thanks pal.


Dianne said...

This long time fan is not surprised that you have so many new fans!! :0)

meli B said...

Yes, Flickr is amazing. It's inspiring and a buzz when someone comments on your work. I learn so much from reading other people's blogs and looking at all the fabulous photos. I too, discovered rug mugs only recently. Long live Flickr and the people who make the effort to load up their photos.

felicity said...

'Teh Interwebs' are pretty darn amazing. I just discovered Ye Olde Flickr community this year, and...yeah. Wow.

Congrats on the mug rug love, btw. Thank you Flickr for letting the world see the Poppyprint Awesomeness.

Tracey Jacobsen said...

I'm pretty sure flickr is where I met you too! :)

And you're right -- it is a fun place.

maree said...

Mmmmmm.....haven't yet ventured into Flickr world........not sure how to. Am I missing something??? Love the mug rugs btw. Must make one - or will that set me onto yet another tangent! Ciao

pinksuedeshoe said...

Oh dear Flickr, I heart you so much. We all know how much information is read on the internet with zero feedback left. It is so incredibly fulfilling to me when someone I don't know, who doesn't know me, but for whatever reason likes what I am doing in my house all by myself enough to tell me that they like it. I mean I read/see something like 1000 images/ideas on the internet and I'll only comment on maybe one of them. And flickr brings all of those nice people out of the woodwork. Nothing to make me feel better about what I am doing than to post a pic on flickr and see the numbers climb. Sigh. Those interweb's sure are amazing.

Andrea said...

I couldn't agree with you more.. I also feel that way about blogging. To share my work over the internet, and even one comment is a huge boost to help me try something else, something new, and to create create create. said...

Absolutely. Flickr and blog land has openned so many doors for me, and I love reading all the warm fuzzies before I go to bed each night. oh... and I found YOU! Much inspiration. Thank you!