Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tale of two (or three) Kristas

Growing up, I rarely met another Krista with a 'K' (sure, there were some wannabe Christas with a 'Ch', but I always knew they didn't really count). I liked having a name that wasn't too wacky - just a little bit different. For a brief time when I was about 11, I tried to add some extra oomph to the differentness by spelling my name at school with a 'y' in place of the 'i', but that was just silly so I stopped.

Now that I'm relatively grown up, I meet more and more Kristas with a 'K' and one such Krista has become a wonderful blogging/flickr pal. She lives in Anchorage with her husband and three cute kids. She's afraid of moose. Especially when they are in her front yard. Kind of like me with bears in my front yard. We both love mixing fun, modern prints with linen in our quilting work and we both can't say no to swaps even though we are too busy to do them. We're practically twins (except I'm pretty sure I was born about 10 years before her!).

Recently Krista saw a note I'd made on a flickr photo that said "where did you get this?" over the cutest piece of fabric.

wiener dog happy mail

And just because she's so nice, she sent me some! I loved her hints on the envelope.


wienerdog fabric

See? She doesn't iron either. Twins! The fabric is so awesome...dachshunds in sweaters? How cute!! I'll have to think of something really fun to do with it. For me though, the best is seeing her sticky note to Krista, from Krista. I love that. Recently we've become friends with a third Krista, known on flickr as lolablueocean. The three of us have hatched a plan that Anchorage Krista is working on (she's got the tech savvy that the other two Kristas do not). There's even talk of a Pacific Northwest rendez-vous....a summit of the Kristas, if you will. Now THAT would be fun!

Stay tuned!


paulette said...

Too cute!! Love it! Think I'll change my name to Krista!
Take care!
A Krista-wanna-be

Micki said...

Krista is such a pretty name, but besides you, I never knew another Krista.

Amy Friend said...

Very fun fabric! If I change my name, can I come to your summit too? :)

maree said...

Kute fabric! And a kross kountry Krista konference - what fun. Loving it. Isn't our blogging quilt world fun:) Ciao

West Side of Straight said...

What a great find - don't think I'll find too many with my name either. Have a great day! Sounds like you'll all be great buddies.
JoLynn or aka Jo

carol said...

Instead of the 3 amigos, you can be the 3 Kristas. LOL I hope you have as many wild adventures as they had!!!

Krista said...

Oh, this made me feel so good! I am so glad we "met" and developed a friendship through crafting. the Krista meet up is definitely happening! And I am definitely going to get started on that project ASAP.

Now go use that wrinkly fabric and make something fun!

Tiffany said...

Aww, I wannabe a Krista too! I did that same silly thing with the "y" in my name - changing it to a "i" for a brief spell. My parents were not pleased!

I love the dachs in sweaters, they're darn cute!

Mary Smith said...

Hello to another Vancouver blogger! We are from Port Coquitlam, actually. I'll look forward to reading your posts!

Unknown said...

Oh so cute - I've seen an upholstery fabric here I want a piece of with dogs on it (oh and they also do a chicken/duck version) - if I get an off cut I want to french knot some sections to make elements of the fabric 'pop' and make a cushion or wall hanging - I'll keep hunting.

Angie said...

OH MY Goodness, that wienie dog fabric is just too adorable!!! I have two wienie dogs of my own---my beloved furbabies---so of course I'm going to covet your fabric!! :P