Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Brief Look Inside a Quilter's Brain

Here is a synopsis of a regularly occurring sequence of events in my brain.

1. Open flickr homepage.

Oh look, some new uploads from my flickr contacts. Wow, I like that quilt, click. What else has Tia made lately? Click, click, click Oooo, that one is fabulous! Hey, there's a picture of her with Gwen Marston! At retreat! She's so lucky!

Hmmm, I really should buy Gwen's second book, because I loved reading Liberated Quiltmaking from my guild library a few years ago.


2. www.amazon.ca.

Ah there it is: Liberated Quiltmaking II, click: add to cart. Oh look, someone else who bought Liberated Quiltmaking II also bought Material Obsession II. I need that book. I mean, look at the cover quilt. It's to die for! Click: add to cart.


Check out: $54.94

3. Today, on the back deck.

Oh, happy day. I love the quilt books. I love sun in September. I love impulse purchases that make me happy.

from Liberated Quiltmaking II by Gwen Marston

from Material Obsession II by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke

Do you have Quilter's Brain, too? It is an incurable condition that I will gladly endure for the rest of my life (or until my bank account runs dry).


Unknown said...

Totally incurable and addictive too!! Love the clicking myself.

Anonymous said...

That is just my brain, I use google chrome so I have all my regular pages to hand. I am terrible for spending hours click, click, clicking but all in perfect routine :)

Dianne said...

Mmmhhm. Fabric and books on the way as I type. My library and stash are testament to the fact that I do indeed have a quilters brain!! Can hardly wait to see your brainy purchases up close and personal!!

carol said...

I know exactly what you mean! But, you need all the inspiration you can get, you know....right???? That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

maree said...

Oh Krista just loving the way your brain works:) And how tempting both those books look but as I am currently "on sabbatical" i.e. not working and having to be rather restrained in my spending I will have to just drool over the great photos you have shared of those scrummy quilts.......how tempting though. Hope someone at the local library might have some sense and purchase them but I won't hold my breath! Ciao

felicity said...

I completely understand. ESPECIALLY the part about sun in September.

Susan Snooks said...

Yes my brain works that way too! And I made a quilt just like that one on the front of Material Obsessions- I even featured on her blog! It was a great quilt to make! ENJOY!

Amy Friend said...

Very tempting. I had better keep my clicks to Interlibrary Loan though!

beth said...

yes. My brain is "quilt wired" too. ;)

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

Sounds quite familiar.-)

Krista said...

Oh, yes, it sounds familiar to me too. Isn't Liberated Quiltmaking II a great book? Now I feel like I MUST go to the bookstore and check out Material Obsession 2. Thanks a lot ;)

dutchcomfort said...

You make me smile! This sounds so familiar! I definitely have a Quilter’s Brain!

the Campfollower said...

Krista! My mind is totally on the same wavelength as yours! I check my flickr friends all the time! Hahahaha! Don't you LOVE MO2? I like it sooooo much better than the first one. As a matter of fact I have it out and was looking through it trying to figure out what to do with my FMF fabric. Of course you can't go wrong with Gwen, now can you?

Kristie said...

Ooooh... I have been eyeing up Material Obsession 2....but never seem to make quilts from a pattern anyhow, just from the Flikr-finger inspiration (I seem to follow the same pattern as you!).

Found you via Amy at During Quiet Time. I always love finding another Canadian blogger (I am a Winnipeg girl), especially one with such great stuff! Will follow along and see what you are up to. If you want to visit me, I am at http://ocd-obsessivecraftingdisorder.blogspot.com/
So nice to "meet" you! :-)