Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hot pots

will be no match for these babies. Here are the pot holders I've made for Potholder Pass II (look for red/white pear in my sidebar for more info). My partner left it all up to me by writing "quilter's choice" for her colour preferences. Sometimes this can stress people out, but I think wahoo! I'll make something I like, too! These will have grommets put in the top left corners as soon as I can find the instructions for the grommet-installing-gizmo that I bought. Jacquie has a great tutorial on installing grommets here.

Pot Holder Pass II - red

Pot Holder Pass II

It was a dull, gray day yesterday so they're not looking as lovely and bright as the fabrics really are. You'll just have to trust me that they are bright, happy and ready for pot holding duty! (one layer of cotton batting and one layer of insul-bright insulated batting inside).

I look forward to the fore-casted sun this afternoon. Have a happy day!


Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

How gorgeous, Krista; your swap partner is sooo lucky! Even the bindong looks perfect! Where did you get your adorable labels?

Susan said...

They're stunning, Krista, really so pretty and almost too nice to ever think of using. Certainly too nice to use on a messy casserole dish!

You did great! I mailed mine off today. I'm glad when I get done with something, because I hate having something hanging over head, I always worry that something will come up and prevent me from sewing.

I want to have a cuppa with you!