Thursday, March 18, 2010

Grommets aren't that scary



You've just got to hit the hammer like you mean it. And watch out for your thumb. It just goes against all we do as quilters to actually carve a hole out of the middle of your work! I love the look, though. Of course my favourite Grommet of all time is the one that comes with Wallace.

Go ahead.

Install some grommets.

I know you want to!


Dianne said...

Good job on the grommets Krista. And who wouldn't love those syling pot holders? Sweet!!

Amy Friend said...

I really do like the grommet look. Now that you have challenged me, I will have to use them soon! I have only used them one time before, and, as I said, I made my husband do it because I was too scared!

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

Your gromments look great! I (that is husband) put grommets into a few gym bags I made for Christmas a couple of years ago, and the first kit broke, pieces flying everywhere. The new one worked fine, but it was a bit scary to hammer away like there was no tomorrow..
Will you be sewing in tonight?