Monday, February 15, 2010

Get that Golden Feeling for ONLY $26.75!

By now you probably know that mogul skier/aerialist extraordinaire Alexandre Bilodeau has electrified Canada with his gold medal-winning run yesterday on Cypress Mountain.

Donate $26.75(Bilodeau's winning score) to the Cerebral Palsy Foundation

My friends Berene and Cosmo are so clever. Not long after everyone stopped screaming and hugging each other, they came up with the incredible idea of honouring the amazing relationship Alexandre and his older brother Frederic share. If you saw any TV footage of yesterday's moguls event, then you know Frederic suffers from Cerebral Palsy, but it didn't prevent him from standing all afternoon and cheering his brother on as loud as he could. The two are chess partners and Alex says Frederic is his biggest inspiration.

Alexandre's winning score was 26.75, so to honour the gift he has given Canada, my family has donated $26.75 to the Cerebral Palsy Support Foundation of Canada. This group is non-government funded and was started by a father after he struggled to find support when his own grandson was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. 100% of funds raised goes to help people with Cerebral Palsy and their families. They provide info on what to do when first diagnosed, where to find resources, help with funding things like mobility equipment, ramps, elevators and hallway widening. They have also started a recycling program for families to share supplies & equipment.

Isn't this a Gold Medal idea? They even started a Facebook group, so you can join and then invite all your friends. It will be exciting to see where this goes.


Susan said...

What a lovely idea and how nice of you to donate! I was about to cry last night when NBC did a bit about the brothers and to see how much the two brothers purely love each other was heartbreaking and so touching. I loved that.

happy zombie said...

How awesome! OK, more tears. And we cheered so loud for Alexandre Bilodeau too. I think the entire world was cheering for Alexandre!