Thursday, February 25, 2010

Four-legged Birthday

Today is Flynn's birthday. The person most excited about this is daughter D. As I dropped her off at school, I was left with "wouldn't it be nice to have a cake for Flynn?" Well, we all know that yummy chocolate cake isn't recommended for doggies, especially little 4.5 kg doggies, so you know who the cake is really for, don't you?


So, the cake is just out of the oven, cooling now, awaiting decoration. D asked (if there was going to be cake...) could there be bones on it? She's thinking of this cake I made for her 10th birthday.

D's doggie cake '09

I don't think I have the energy for cake AND cookies today, but cake it will be....just 'coz she loves him so much.

flynn in stride



Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

Happy birthday, cute little doggie. What a cool cake! I miss chocolate sooooo much:-)

Dianne said...

Happy Birthday Flynn! Bones or no bones I hope D likes the cake. Hugs for Flynn and you too!

lesthook said...

That cake is very cool but the dog! Oh my what a sweetie!

Unknown said...

too too funny. cheese cake would make any dog happy...I love the bones.
Some little girl will be happy!

paulette said...

Flynn is adorable!! My niece has Annabelle...the perfect mate for Flynn...they could be brother and sister!! Love them!!
Have a piece of cake for me...wonder why my capris are starting to get tight...hmmmm?

Amy Friend said...

That dog bone cake is adorable! My middle child is very into dogs and would love a bday cake like that. I will have to keep it in mind. My kids decided that the baby needed a cake when she was born...very similar...she couldn't eat it anymore than your dog could! We baked one anyway too!

Unknown said...

The cake is too cute, but looks yummy! I just love that last picture of Flynn, way too cute. Happy Birthday!

Susan said...

Oh, that great close up of Flynn flying- wonderful! Happy Birthday, Flynn!

I'd go for some cake, too! Don't think it's allowed on the South Beach diet, though. However- Jim went to the doc yesterday for a checkup and found out our scale is weighing heavy! Cool! I think that calls for a celebration- like CAKE! lol

Yours was particularly lovely, too, Krista! Love the bones.

Micki said...

You are my kind of gal...spoiling your doggy like that! He looks happy as Larry!

rstogether said...

Best Flynn pictures ever! I like 'dog running for cake' the best.

Brioni Greenberg said...

Happy Birthday Flynn!!!!! May your birthday be full of snuggles and bones!

Anonymous said...

Flynn is wonderful! Ah! I have never seen a dog cake like that one! Wow! My precious Jake died Feb 15th...he was a blood hound. He was so sweet. Had the same color fur your Flynn has. Hope he had a wonderful birthday with your darling daughter. So glad she appreciates him!