Monday, February 22, 2010

DQS8: prepare for take-off!

It's all done, bound, labeled and ready to go! I'm so excited to have been a part of the Doll Quilt Swap. I can hardly wait for the next round. I've met lots of friendly, funny and immensely talented quilters through this swap and the associated Flickr Group.


I can't tell you who this quilt is going to, but I will say it's leaving the country for a long trip that will not involve crossing any salty water. I made a little extra for my partner - one of my mini-label needle books (there's a tutorial in my sidebar if you'd like to make one for yourself or a stitchy friend!). I happen to have a photo of my needle books on a MOO card that is the perfect size for keeping the recipient's name a big fat secret - Mwahahahah.

I have recovered from the Canadian Men's hockey loss to the U.S. yesterday. I don't think I've yelled at the TV that loudly in a long time (I come by it honestly -- my Mom can really belt it out when watching hockey and I attended all of the Montreal Canadian's '66/'67 home games in utero!).

We're off to see the men's qualifying aerials in half an hour. GO Steve Omischl!!!!


paulette said...

I think you have just answered one of my questions!! Have a blast!!

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

Lucky swapper to receive such a gift. The doll quilt looks good even from the back!
Your nature looks amazingly like ours; some of the scenery pictures could be from Anywhere, Norway. I did not know that!

Susan said...

Oh, how exciting, mailing it off! Now you get to wait for your lucky partner to say she got it and thank you all over the place for a real piece of art! And extra goodies, how fun! (Mine got delivered in TWO days, I was shocked.)

I'll see you at the potholder pass 2, Krista!!

Dianne said...

Krista I LOVE your label - how eggciting! I would be happy to recieve the label never mind the fabulous quilt! Your partner is very lucky indeed.

Vivian said...

Well I guess it's not coming up here!!!!
Fabulous package from what I can see. BTW, we're watching the hockey game right now...much better score so far.

Amy Friend said...

I love the label too! Whoever receives the quilt will be delighted. I have been wanting to join one of the DQ swaps but I get so nervous..."will he/she like it?"