Monday, January 25, 2010

The sky is falling...

Chicken Little would be so lucky to have this beauty drop on her head!! Look at the amazing quilt that Hazel made for me in the Quilting Bloggers Mini-Fall-Inspired Quilt Swap.

fall swap quilt made by Hazel

She has done an incredible job...including the perfectly machine appliqued acorn and leaves, gorgeous woven borders, impressive free-motion quilting and topstitching with variegated thread.
fall swap quilt made by Hazel

Perhaps it was due to my just having read several heart-wrenching newspaper articles about Haitian orphans, or maybe an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for such a lovely gift, but I was most verklempt when I saw the quilt in real life today. Thank you so much Hazel. Your work is greatly appreciated!!!

fall swap quilt made by Hazel

I have done some sewing on my DQS8 doll quilt today. It is so much fun (now that my design has come to life - before that I was a wee bit stressed about making just the right thing!). It's exciting too, to secretly design something especially for someone you've never met. More peeks soon!


Betsy said...

Fall is my favorite color scheme and this quilt is just stunning!

Dianne said...

How nice to have something so beautiful drop into your mailbox and your life! Nicely done Hazel, I love the stitch you used on the woven border.

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

just stunning. thanks for showing us all the lovely details,

Vivian said...

That is absolutely beautiful.

momof4boys said...

Absolutely love your quilts! I'm a quilter too and love looking at other people's quilts. You do fantastic work. This is the kind of quality I love!