Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's a Small World, After All

The Scene: Yesterday, Pool-side, Coral Mist Hotel, Barbados.

Enter one friendly-looking couple, she carrying very pretty charm pack shoulder bag. "Did you make your bag?" I ask. "Why, yes, I did" she replies. Conversation strikes up (of course).

Upon discovering this nice lady lives on Vancouver Island, I ask what her LQS is and she replies that she lives in a small town without one. Which small town? Cobble Hill. Hmmm, I think, what are the chances?

Your name isn't Paulette, is it?
No, but my sister is called Paulette!
Does she live in Cobble she a quilter, too?
Yeeeessss (accompanied by slightly-suspicious-who-is-this-crazy-woman-look).

Well, cue dramatic coincidence music (whatever that might be, any suggestions?). Paulette just won my giveaway a couple of weeks ago!!! You know, the one that sent a heart-fluttering reply of excitement upon hearing she'd won. Just look at the sweet post she did when my package arrived. I can't imagine how she's going to react when she finds out I'm lounging poolside with her sister in the Caribbean!!!

Just had to share this little the sun is just so stinkin' hot I needed a few minutes of shadey breeze up here on the balcony, tapping away on mom's laptop. We're having such a fab time here with my folks and my sister Karen and her family. The cousins are SO happy with each other. Many hours of pooltime, ocean wave-bobbing, walks up and down the beach. Today is Karen's 40th b'day so a lovely dinner out is planned.

I miss everyone and checking up on all my favourite blogs!! I have yet another week and a half of further suffering - wish me luck.

signing off from paradise...will post photos when I get home.


Heckety said...

Just noticed your comment at Paulettes and had to pop over to see what you were talking about because yes I am very nosy, and that really is SOME coincidence!! Really amazing!

paulette said...

You have got to be kidding!! OMG! I just had lunch with my sister and she was saying they were going away...lucky you guys! Monsoon rain here! It really is a small world and aren't you smart...I would have never made the connection! I don't know if Em knows about my blogging life...I have only told a few people...that way I can write all about my projects without worrying about them finding out (about the gifts I made!) Wow...just shows you that it really is a small world...! Take care and thanks for sharing! You made my day! Can't wait to hear from Em and get her side! Enjoy the weather because it's flooding here!

What Comes Next? said...

that is just far too much fun! I love coincidences like that! Enjoy the sun, sand and surf, but don't get burnt!

Rachel said...

What an amazing coincidence - and how fun to meet a new friend while on vacation. I love you're having a lovely time in the Caribbean! I'm so jealous - it's snowy and cold here in Edmonton. No drinking margaritas poolside here haha.

bingo~bonnie said...

it is a small world isn't it???? ;) wow - what a story! Just proves that she was meant to win your blog giveaway! ;) Have a great time on the rest of your vacation!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

bingo~bonnie said...

that is an awesome post - what a small world in deed!!! Just goes to show you that she really was meant to win that thread catcher ;)

Have a great time on the rest of your vacation! Cheers!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Anonymous said...

Hi Krista

I loved your story about just how small the world is, but for me the best part was you started the conversation.

I loved that you showed the pictures of my little purses. Your retreat was very special for me.