Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Helloooo friends! I missed you! Although I only started blogging a few months ago, it has become a really fun, exciting part of my life and I definitely missed connecting with all of you while I was on vacation.

We had a most excellent family time together in Barbados. I will share some themed photo mosaics in the days to come, so if the weather outside is frightful where you live, then come back for some delightful Caribbean visuals coming soon to this blog!

I've got loads to do (of the laundry variety), as well as general house tidy in prep for holiday decorations. I'm terribly distracted by these, though:


What a mailbox haul! Nothing like returning home to inspiring mags. My neighbour kindly shared her September Marie Claire Idees (WOW!), I received my second issue of Quilter's Connection Magazine, Canada's brand new quilting mag and finally my copy of special-ordered Stitch that I cannot find here in Vancouver on any news stand. I'm only about 10 pages in and already I love, love, love it. I'm going to try and have our local mag shop order it in for next issue because it is utterly brilliant and features so many of my favourite bloggers' project ideas.

Also arrived in our absence (no thanks to the Canadian Customs & Border Services):


My beautiful fabric bunting from Sweet Jessie. Jessie was kind enough to share her bunting on a giveaway and then we had several worried emails back and forth, because it took more than a month to cross the Canadian border! Jeesh. It looks so nice in my dining room window and the colours are actually perfect for Christmas, so I'm leavin' it up!

Back soon with tropical treats for your eyes....

(edited to add: blogger is automatically inserting it's homepage address in front my links and I cannot figure out how to make it stop! sorry...just follow the 'try this instead' links from your browser to see Sweet Jessie and Quilter's Connection)


Dianne said...

Welcome back Krista!! My fingers have been itching to enter blogland to see if you had a new post and you do not disapoint! Lovely Lovely

Jessie said...

so glad it to see the garland (finally) arrived safe and sound!!

What Comes Next? said...

Welcome home! Sunny skies, but not quite tropical temperatures :) Nice haul in the mailbox, and your garland looks wonderful in the window. Can't wait to see your pics!