Monday, June 10, 2013

Super Duper

My first retreat project was to sew up two Super Totes using Anna's newest bag pattern. My mom has a birthday and I have a trip coming up in July so I thought I'd make two at once. Mom's a full-time knitter and I know this will be a perfect bag for her projects. I love the size and shape for myself to use as a shopping tote - this will accompany me to the FQ Retreat in London where I hope to fill it with Liberty lovelies.

I took all of the pattern pieces pre-cut to retreat so that I could start sewing right away (I really don't like to do lots of cutting/prep work while on retreat because I will often make mistakes while chatting!). Turns out I wasn't paying enough attention at home either, I forgot to cut the lining side pieces of both bags so the very final assembly had to wait until I returned home! Since the .pdf pattern was loaded onto my iPad bookshelf, I only had to print the actual pattern pages. I followed all of the assembly instructions on the iPad.

Super Tote - Poppyprint
This one is my Mom's and B was able to personally deliver it thanks to a last minute business trip (which is why I finished it at midnight and took Ott-light photos before his crack of dawn departure to Toronto).

Super Tote - Poppyprint

The pattern calls for piping across the top of the large outer pocket. Due to my long recovery from the Weekender piping fiasco, I opted out of this cute design feature. I still wanted an accent there, so I cut my lining an extra 1/2" longer than the pocket piece. The seam allowance is 1/2" on this bag, so after sewing the lining to the outer pocket piece RST, I pressed the seam allowance in half to 1/4", then folded the lining to the wrong side, wrapping it around the 4-layer seam allowance. Then I used my stitch in the ditch foot to topstitch right in the seam along the front (which you can't actually see in this picture, above!). Presto: cheater piping.

Super Tote - Poppyprint

This one is for me. I love the bright red flower centres of this print.

Super Tote - Poppyprint
I only had FQ's of the AMH flower print, so I used the linen on the 'back' of the bag. I just had enough print to cut the top strip so there would be consistency around the top of the bag.

Super Tote - Poppyprint
Lining of my tote showing the non-elastic pockets. I read several pattern reviews that mentioned they would probably not make elasticated pockets on both sides if they made the bag again, so I took the hint and did a straight/lined pocket on one side.

Super Tote - Poppyprint
Mom's lining showing the elastic pockets (as per the pattern) and the key fob I added. The fob is at one end of the zipper and  slips in and out without having to unzip the bag.

Super Tote - Poppyprint
A last-step option is to satin stitch across the end of the pleat to secure the seam and attach the lining to the outer bag. I like this detail very much!

As with all of Anna's patterns, the instructions are clear and easy and the results fabulous. My friends tease me that I have way too many bags, but I absolutely love making them and never tire of trying new designs. This is a seriously Super Tote and not difficult to make. The zipper closure is not only clever, it's a breeze (if Zipperphobes aren't convinced, it's completely optional - Anna explains how to make your tote without one as well).  

Are you going to give it a try? 


Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

They both look fantastic - love the cheeky 'no piping, use lining' shortcut, very clever.
I have a yard and a half of the same print you love and have been hemming and hawing over what to do with it - a bag is a great idea.
Oh, and you can never have too many bags. Except under the eyes, after staying up all night sewing.

Heather D. said...

Seriously awesome, on both counts!

Dianne said...

Love these bags Krista! I bet your Mom is over the moon happy with hers. I sure would be!
I bought the pattern the day she released it but given my list of to dos it might have to wait until MIR to get made.

Danielle said...

Yes please! Top of my bag list! I haven't made one for a while and it must be about time.

Little Island Quilting said...

I am going to give it a try. Have bought the pattern. Just need the time.
Yours are FAB btw!

Susanne said...

I love the pattern too (recently made one). Yours look great! Love the linen!

Anna said...

oh I'm so glad you like it Krista, means so much to me!!! :) both of the bags are amazing!!! I love love those fabrics and your sewing is impeccable as usual. :) you rock!

Vivian said...

I'm not normally a bag person butI loved the ones you made and popping over to Anna's site and seeing all the features of the bag, I immediately bought the pattern! And thanks for the tip about the piping substitute, I like that option.

So I hope I do get to make one!

Tamie said...

Love your bags. Too bad it isn't my birthday!

Katie B said...

Too many bags?!? Crazy talk. This one looks great!

Katy Cameron said...

Love the fabric choice! Although if you fill that up with Liberty, I suspect you'll be bankrupt ;o)

Kristie said...

Niiiiice. You and your Anna bags :)

Tracey Jacobsen said...

looks great! I love the cheater piping idea. :)

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Gorgeous!! Do not leave yours unattended, just saying!! said...

Beautiful bags. Lucky momma.

Live a Colorful Life said...

Yes, I am definitely going to give this one a try!And I AM going to add the zipper.