Sunday, September 5, 2010

Connecting Quilters: mags and mug rugs

It's a cool fall morning here today - our furnace actually came on! A great sewing day (well, except for the fact that 3 eleven year old girls are sleeping over tonight and we apparently have 'lots of preparation to do' according to D".

After my last post (giveaway still open until tomorrow evening here), I thought I would tell you a bit more about Quilter's Connection magazine. It is truly Canada's only quilting magazine with 100% Canadian designers, writers and content, which is amazing. The publishers also maintain a blog and website. PLUS, anyone can sign up for their e-newsletter which always features a free pattern! I received mine via email yesterday and check out the cutie-cute jellyroll book bag pattern that subscribers can download:

If we want to keep a Canadian magazine in business, we need to support it people! It has been a fantastically successful first year for Quilter's Connection; each of the 4 issues have just been better and better. Subscriptions for the quarterly mag are available for 1 or 2 years and YES, our neighbours to the south and overseas can also subscribe! That means you too, Canadian ex-pats! Stay connected with the quilting scene back home! Two-year subscription prices for us Canucks are comparible to what we pay to import the popular U.S. mags.

So, go ahead and subscribe: ask your guild to take out a subscription for your library, or maybe purchase a year for your mom/aunt/grandma/sister, or in some fantastic situations, your quilting hubby!

Okay, I'm going to see about making that adorable book bag....right after I enjoy my morning latte....

pottery latte mug

Soon my morning latte will be enjoying it's new mug rug! That's right, I've joined yet another swap over on flickr. We'll be making over-sized coasters for each other's mugs and the ones popping up so far have been amazing. I even cleaned my desk yesterday to make way for mine...lo and behold, I discovered a couple of coffee-ring stains under my keyboard, so I need that rug pronto (I believe I've mentioned here before that housekeeping is NOT my strong point)!

Here's the inspiration mosaic I put together for my partner.

Poppyprint's Mug Rug Mosaic

Hope you are enjoying the long weekend! School starts in 2 short days. Wooohoooo!!!! Sewing room, here I come!


Krista said...

Um, do you make yourself a latte like that every day??? I envy the foamy milk! Thanks for putting one of my rugs in your mosaic. This is going to be a fun swap :)

I hope Quilter's Connection keeps growing! I take for granted that most of the magazines I do read are based in the US and tailor to our residents. And of course with all Canadian contributors, hopefully that means more features for you!

Tracey Jacobsen said...

I worked a little on a possible mug rug yesterday... I don't know my partner, but she does have fun tastes.

And I love that jelly roll bag! I'm all signed up. :)

Ariane said...

Congratulations on having a pattern published in this wonderful Canadian magazine. I got my magazine the other day and I just love your pattern. It's gorgeous!! I need to renew my subscription too! This is a great magazine!!!

Dianne said...

Thanks for the reminder Krista i have to send in my renewal! Was thinking it has been about a year since you started blogging so went back to read some of your first entries...what a treat!! I need to see some photos of your mystery though.....
I hope D&T enjoy their last days of freedom :-)

Micki said...

So neat about your having your pattern in that magazine. Enjoy your latte and sewing!

Anonymous said...

1. that is a gorgeous bookbag and can't wait to see yours.
2. Those mug rugs are too cool, I need one!
3. I wish I could make mosaic photos!

Tiffany said...

Yes, ditto on making the mosaic pictures. I wish I could do that also. Great pottery cup, and that cute book bag looks like a good size - not too big.