Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Endings and Beginnings

There's been frost the last couple of mornings. A sparkly white dusting on the tips of the grass blades and all along the roof tops. The local mountains even had a skiff of snow at the very tippity tops the other day! Fall is coming to a close around here, which means the moss is growing thick on our apple tree and it's time to pick that very last delicious, crunchy apple...

apple tree moss

last apple

When we first moved into this house 9 years ago, the apple tree was so healthy and happy. We must have had 100+ apples that first summer. I think we may have stressed the poor thing by pruning some of the lower, kiddie-eyeball-level branches in those first couple of years. Some people say there are so few bees that pollination isn't really happening like it used to. Whatever the cause, there were only about 20 apples this year. Sad.

Our perennial bed is looking mightly droopy and tired. Everything's gone yellowy, fallen over and is in dire need of a clean-up. The hydrangea is the last hold-out on the colour front.

end of the hydrangea

So, on to new things! I received my swap partner today for the Quilting Bloggers Fall Quilt Swap. This is my first time participating in a swap. I've been busy spying on my partner already, sifting through her old posts, looking for clues as to what she likes, her quilting style and home decor. We have to make a small wall hanging, no larger than 12" X 24" by January. I've got some ideas and I'm looking forward to getting started soon.

First, my Mystery Quilt is calling me. At guild last night, we received the first set of piecing instructions. All I have to do now is press this mess and get going!!!

mystery fabric pile

...but really first-first, there are the Hallowe'en costumes to finish up!

I am SO looking forward to a 4 day retreat coming up. I'm hosting 23 women at this perfect place where we will sew, eat, hot tub, walk in the woods, look at the ocean and laugh. A lot. Departure in only 8 sleeps!!! I love retreats.
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