Monday, February 4, 2019

CQA Workshops now open for registration

Hi all! I know things are quiet around here now as most of my interaction with friends is on Instagram, but just in case a few of you are still lingering in this space, I wanted to let you know I'll be teaching at QuiltCanada in Ottawa, Ontario, June 12-15, 2019.

To see full descriptions of my workshops and to register, click here . You could try out my brand new Courthouse Colourplay workshop, or perhaps if a funky take on log cabins and accurate piecing is your jam you'd like Round Peg Square Hole? If you've always wanted to try sewing a 3-D object but zippers are a terrifying prospect, then come make a Level Two Tote with me (you'll get to meet my adorable mini-anvil, hammer rivets yourself and leave with a stylish, completed tote bag!). Finally, if you want to challenge yourself with some new techniques and gain confidence with free-cutting and improv, I invite you to come on a Speed Date with Improv with me as your guide.

Courthouse Colourplay by Poppyprint
Courthouse Colourplay - enjoy intuitive colourplay, free-cutting and building your quilt organically from the inside out!

Round Peg, Square Hole by Poppyprint
Round Peg, Square Hole

Level Two Tote by Poppyprint
Tote by Poppyprint
Make yourself a stylish tote with a favourite linen/canvas print and easy clean cork, leather, vinyl or waxed canvas bottom! Leather handle and hardware kits available for just bring your fabrics!

Night & Day by Poppyprint
Speed Date with Improv: it's a super fun, fast-paced class with lots of support and tips for improv success. Make your own improv sampler to take you on your way to creating original work!

Registration is now open to CQA members and non-members alike! I am very excited to be back in Ottawa in June and hope to see you at the National Juried Show and accompanying conference.


Vivian said...

Lots of us still reading blogs I think! Looking forward to Quilt Canada in June.

Elsa said...

I'd sure love to take a class with you! Alas, no tripping for me right now or I'd be there in a snap! Have a great time! And, yes, I still read some blogs ...

Penny said...

Sadly cannot be at Quilt Canada, but am already signed up to do this workshop
at SQG!!