Friday, November 17, 2017

Feyre Shawl Finish

Temperatures are cooperating here in Vancouver (yay winter!), so I've been able to wear my Feyre Shawl. I introduced you to the beginning of this project with more details back here. It came with me to Ontario for a long visit in August, where I was able to finish it completely at the cottage (location of photo shoot: a dock on the Lake Huron side of the Bruce Peninsula).

It is very soft and deliciously stretchy in the MadeleineTosh worsted weight. I love the smoothness of this yarn and how beautifully defined the stitches are in this gauge. Knitting this shawl was so enjoyable! I learned several new skills and relied heavily on YouTube demos to get me through, but it wasn't difficult. I do find it challenging to follow the wording of knitting stitch descriptions - I really need a video demo to "get it".

It was extra lovely that I got to meet the designer Shannon Cook (soveryshannon), in person at KnitCity here in Vancouver in September. I wore my shawl - it was fun to show it off to Shannon! While there, I bought another of her shawl patterns and her new Veronika cardigan. I'm still searching for the perfect yarn for that one...I'm not sure that I can make such a large financial investment in a knit yet, haha!

I've been sewing as well (I even finished quilting and binding a long-standing WIP at retreat last weekend), but unfortunately the days are dark and rainy here lately, so I haven't been able to take photos. Stay tuned...the sun is sure to come back eventually. I have lots to share!


Debbie said...

This is really lovely !

rstogether said...

You are a knitting machine! Nice make! I totally understand the need for videos to learn the stitches - I have to do the same.

Spack Jarrow said...
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