Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Beautiful Backgrounds

I know the internet has been nothing but sales and marketing the past week. I'm tired of the bombardment, too. But I just have to share this rare offer from Oakshott with you, then I'll be done with advertising for a while.  I'm busy with Christmas present making here (so I can't really share because surprises are nice) and prepping for my last day retreat of 2016 happening this Saturday.  Oh, and I got my QuiltCon entries in yesterday a full 28 hours before the deadline, yay me! Did you enter any of your quilts?

If you've got any interest in adding a je ne sais quoi depth & texture to a special quilt by combining a gorgeous background shot cotton with other coloured shots or vibrant prints (think Liberty!), then now is the time to stock up. Oakshott is offering 20% off on 3m purchases (with code BRUNSWICK) of the following background shot cottons: White Sand, Vintage Silver (a personal fav), White Marble, Carmargue, Charcoal and Black. I love that they used my cute Variegated Threads quilt in the flyer image - that quilt uses Vintage Silver and Charcoal as alternating backgrounds. Fabric kits to make your own Variegated Threads quilt, complete with pre-cut charm squares, are available on the Oakshott site here.

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