Saturday, September 24, 2016

Structural Improv Weekend openings

Anyone up for a fun weekend away with other creatives? There are a couple of spots left in my two-day Structural Improv workshop on Friday and Saturday October 21-22. The workshop is part of an annual event on beautiful Denman Island known as the Creative Threads Conspiracy. You can find all of the course information here.  There are still accommodations available on the island - check it out! It's the perfect time for a mid-autumn creative retreat.

Here is some of the work I've created using my Improv Under the Influence piecing technique. With a two-day workshop, we have time to go beyond re-creating my Temperature Check pattern (bottom two pictures in the mosaic). We'll use the improv units as structural elements in  your very own original quilt design.

Improv Under the Influence work by Poppyprint

Improv Under the Influcence work by Poppyprint

1. Icy Pillow by Poppyprint, 2. Variegated Threads by Poppyprint, 3. Ice Road Quilt, 4. The Five by Poppyprint, 5. Chess On the Steps by Poppyprint, 6. Improv Under the Influence by Poppyprint

Light of May by Poppyprint
Light of May, 2014 (shown at QuiltCon 2015 in the Michael Miller challenge exhibit)

If you happen to live on Vancouver Island, this is a great opportunity for a relatively inexpensive weekend away. Check it out! I hope you'll join me on Denman.


KaHolly said...

I'd be there if I lived close by! Unfortunately I'm on the other coast. Looks like fun!

Dianne said...

A peaceful weekend away from the madding crowd AND your workshop? Bliss!

Kathy E. said...

Oh my, I love your style! Anything improv always catches my eye and I could look at your quilts all day! I especially like Icy Pillow and Light of May. Wow!

Mary said...

I like your designs and would like to take a class from you but I live in southen CA. I tried sending an email to you but it was returned twice. I wanted to see if you were teaching here later this year or next. Also, I wanted to sign up to get your blog posts via email. Is there a way to do so? Bloglovin has not worked for me since they made changes to their program. Thanks.

Poppyprint said...

Hi Mary - hopefully you're checking back here for my reply as I cannot email you directly from you comment (there's no email linked to your google ID). If you use the email address in the upper left side bar of my blog, I should receive it...just make sure you replace (dot) with a period and (at) with the @ symbol as in a normal email address. Also, if you'd like to subscribe to my posts by email, then just below my bio click on the little envelope picture and it will take you to a form to sign up. I'm sorry, but no plans to teach in CA. I'm Canadian and do not have a visa to work in the US, unfortunately.

Lise-Lotte said...

I so wish I could go to this - I'm sure it will be absolutely amazing!! And a beautiful island setting as well!
Maybe next time