Sunday, May 15, 2016

#MayisforMakers - Pattern 2

Even though I purchased this the other day, I'm just now getting a few minutes to share my second indie pattern purchase for Lindey's initiative May is For Makers.  I've made two successful skirts in my short lived garment-making career. The first one was wrap-around and accompanied by a reversible vest. Made in Grade 6 home-ec and modelled in the Eastview Elementary School fashion show (Oakville, ON, circa 1979). I'm sure there's a photo somewhere...perhaps it's best hiding in my parent's basement.

The second was a cute skirt that I still wear, with a yoke waist band (is that what it's called?), invisible side zip (for which I consulted a free Craftsy tutorial) and cute inserted panel of Echino selvages.  Just to prove that it's completely wearable in public, here's a pick of me sporting it in London and the 2013 Fat Quarterly Retreat!

With Di, Sonia and Jo 

I haven't got much of a waist, so I do prefer a flat front skirt because gathers just don't do me any favours.  Here's my next clothing challenge: The Maude Skirt by Lazy Seamstress (find the pattern at FabricSpark! by clicking the link). Sounds like the perfect pattern for me! Plus, those pockets looks fab.

I'm not sure when I'll get around to actually making a muslin, but I'd love to have this ready for my trip to Quilt Canada in June! I've got some lovely chambray purchased at Drygoods Design last year that should do the trick.


Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Ohh, I like that. There's some great options to use piping or ric rac or pom poms in those front seams, very nice! With all the great denims on the market these days, you will get a lot of use from this pattern, I think.

DianeY said...

I love your skirt with the salvages! So cute! I did have to laugh at your reference to your home ec project. I was a Girl Scout leader in the early 80s and led the troop (with help) thru the sewing badge. Their project was a wrap around skirt with a vest that wasn't reversible, but was adorned with a little patchwork either a a yoke, pocket or whatever they wanted! I was astounded that they did so well and were so creative. We had a little fashion show for their moms. I doubt any of them ever sewed again and that includes my own daughter who was in that troop and is more scared of a sewing machine than you could ever imagine. said...

That was a fun time meeting you in London. Where is Quilt Canada? Is it open to the public or just the trade? You know me YLpaulo he likes any excuse to go to Canada and I love a quilty reason to travel.

myBearpaw said...

Oh hello! Fab seeing that photo again - happy days!! Sonia is coming to this year's Stitch Gathering which will be lovely! xx

Sandi said...

You should wear that to stitch, or does it still fit you 'skinny minny '!