Saturday, April 30, 2016

#May is for Makers

Here's something cool. Lindsey over at LR Stitched has launched a wonderful initiative for May. She's written a great little post (and designed this awesome button) that explains her thinking and her hope for the month right here.  Have a read.

May Is For Makers |

We've all shared patterns with friends. We've all balked at prices. We've all asked "where can I get that for free". In reality, most sewing and quilting patterns are around $10. In Canada, we pay up to $20 for quilting magazines - I have stacks of them, yet I can count on one hand the number of projects I've actually made from a magazine. They are great inspiration, but it is the individual patterns in my collection that I return to over and over, either to make or to dream of making. Patterns like Anna's 2-4-1 Tote (in fact, any of Anna's bag patterns!), or the Liesl's Weekend Getaway Blouse or Kirsty's The Plus Side Quilt

  digital weekend getaway blouse + dress sewing pattern  Image of Quilt Pattern PDF - The Plus Side

Guess what?  I've even bought patterns from blogging friends and others I don't really know, just to say "thank you" and acknowledge the inspiration and great content they provide for free in between their pattern releases.  I know, my halo shines.  My "pattern downloads" folder on the laptop overflows. Doesn't mean I will ever getting around to making every pattern I've purchased, but it's easy to drop $10 to show someone the love. Around these parts, that's a lot less than a meter of fabric or a couple of lattes!  I'm acutely aware of the time and energy it takes to come up with an idea, sketch it, test it, write it up, make it, edit it, produce it and finally, get it ready to market and sell. I cringe every time I see someone comment on a blog "will you create a tutorial for this? I'd love to make one!" Yes, but how much would you love to make one? Would you reward the designer for two, three or four days' work by spending $5 on a pattern? Would you? I hope so.

Here's another great post by Mandy with some food for thought on supporting indie.

I'm ahead of the game. I've already bought my first indy pattern for the month. It's one that EVERYONE but me has made already and it's high time I put my extensive zipper stash to use. Can you guess which pattern it is? Tune in Monday for the first day of #MayisforMakers!

Support creative people. 
The end.


Lise-Lotte said...

Agreed. Lise-Lotte

Katie said...

Are you finally making a sew together bag??!

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

This is a great movement and I'm jumping on board too. I've bought patterns too, knowing that my time available means that I am unlikely to make it, but I've still wanted to support the maker. I even bought a whole course once! But it's really the best way to help those keep doing what they're doing.
P.S. Thank you for buying my pattern!! x x x

Dianne said...

I've purchased SO many patterns from independent makers - and I'm going to make every one, yes I am :0)

Elsa said...

I'd say you'll be making the sew together bag ~ I've made about 8 of the silly things.
I've bought more patterns than I know I'll ever be able to make and will probably buy more ~ who knows, maybe I will make them all!

SarahZ said...

The fabulous Sew Together Bag?! Will jump over and take a look at the post :)

Lisa in Port Hope said...

I love being able to shop in my pajamas, print out a pattern and start sewing! Just a question, how do you define an indie maker? Because I can buy online patterns from the big 3 clothing pattern companies now, and many makers have both book and magazine publications as well as digital patterns.