Wednesday, October 21, 2015

VMQG Modern Mini Showcase

The Vancouver Quilter's Guild is having their annual show this weekend and they've invited the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild to share work as a special exhibit!

VMQG members were challenged to make mini quilts no larger than 80" total perimeter. The quilts had to be made of solid colour fabrics and illustrate one or more of the design features of modern quilts, including (but not limited to);

  • use of negative space
  • minimalism
  • improvisational piecing
  • modern take on tradition
  • alternate grid construction
  • bold geometric design
I decided to recreate my Log Cabin Study I (see last post) for the showcase. I increased the size to 20" square and I think that the proportions work out a bit better with the even block sizes of 10 1/2" instead of the 7 1/2" blocks in the original quilt.  This time I went with red-orange and tangerine colours from Denyse Schmidt's modern solids collection, along with white and a teal binding.

Quarter Round by Poppyprint
"Quarter Round"
(thanks to my clever friend Berene for suggesting this name!)

It is quilted in the same manner as the first version, just parallel straight lines with coordinating Aurifil 30 wt thread that I carry out of the coloured strips into the white background and vice-versa.

If you are local, why not check out the show this Friday and Saturday? Here's the info on location and times. I can't speak for the traditional quilts on display, but I know there will be 26 gorgeous modern ones to see! If you're interested in what a modern quilt looks like, then come and check out our Modern Mini Showcase.


NachtPedalQuilts said...

Wonderful design ... and you are a good craftswoman ... I'm really impressed ... =)))

paulette said...

Gorgeous quilt! I love your thread work as it really pops this quilt! You are a master!

Anonymous said...

Lovely quilt! I love the colors and your work with the thread is absolutely fantastic!I hope you to have good time and enjoy the show! Anneli

Pumlans flitiga fingrar said...

Lovely colours. So nice with the teal binding. My Temperature Check is finishen, Yeah, and waiting for à photosession!

Kris said...

So bold and beautiful. Esp like that quilting in the red thread!