Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Simply Moderne Numero Deux

Issue 2 arrived yesterday, courtesy of the kind folks at Simply Moderne. I knew that the editorial staff visited Australia earlier this year and that there would be a feature on gorgeous Aussie quilts and quilters from the Sydney Quilt Show. There are lots of beautiful photos (especially of the stunning quilts made by my lovely and crazy-talented friend Lorena Uriarte).

Simply Moderne 2

The cover quilt by Rana Heredia is pretty fab...it reminds me of the two layer quilts Dan Rouse was making a few years ago, except this one is machine-appliqued onto wholecloth.  Great texture and shapes!  I also really enjoyed the article on Embracing Improv Handwork written by Riane Menardi, Communications Manager for the MQG.  It features excellent photos and advice.

There are plenty of excellent projects in the magazine. I would say that a few of them feature fabric that we probably wouldn't consider 'modern' but you can easily look past that and appreciate the design of the quilts.  The modern quilting movement is slower to infiltrate continental Europe and quilters there definitely have a hard time finding the same variety of designer fabrics that we have access to here (I'll talk more about this when I post about my recent trip to Sweden).  There are however, plenty of folks trying really hard to raise awareness and Quilt Moderne is one publication that's excited about the changes modern quilting is bringing to their reader community.

If you're in the States, the magazine is now available at Barnes and Noble, or from a new website set up for North Americans. Locally, I heard that the Cloth Shop on Granville Island was selling copies of Issue 1, so I presume they'll bring this one in as well.  You can always enquire at your local quilt shop and see if they'd order a few copies in. Anywhere that has sold Quiltmania could easily add Simply Moderne to their order if you asked.

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