Monday, August 10, 2015

A Little Post about a Little Island

This will be my last photo post from our family trip to the Maritimes in July. After our family reunion week, the four of us drove across the Confederation Bridge to visit my sister and her family in their Charlottetown home, in Canada's smallest province, Prince Edward Island.

I've been to the island several times, but this was our first time staying in Charlottetown proper, in my sister's new house.  We had a wonderful four days of relaxing, walking through the leafy streets of the city admiring the beautiful heritage homes and their gardens, dining al fresco on Richmond St. (Row Lobster House, Receiver Coffee), enjoying the theatre (Bitter Girl, Anne & Gilbert the Musical), visiting the beach and seeing my sister's Demi-Pointe Dance Shop, for the first time.

Here are a few pics for you!  Unfortunately, I didn't take many on this trip.  If you love Anne of Green Gables, golfing, beach walking, lush green countryside, lobster, kind and generous locals, step-dancing and fiddle music, then just trust me: get ye to PEI!

This beautiful historic All Soul's Chapel built in 1888 is rarely open to the public, but we 
got lucky on our walk into town!  The walls are PEI standstone and the chapel is a "masterful example of High Victorian Goth Revival architecture in Canada, designed by architect William Critchlow Harris, Jr."

I just can't get enough of the charming heritage homes in Charlottetown. I posted several photos on Instagram taken during our 'town walks'.

I got busted taking this photo as the homeowner opened his front door and jokingly told me he charges a dollar per picture. We had a nice chat and he willingly gave his wife 100% of the credit for their gorgeous garden.


Richmond St., alongside the Confederation Centre, is closed to traffic. It is great fun to dine outside and listen to live music - the jazz festival stage was just across from the restaurants and featured local musicians all day and evening.


A stunning new lobster mural,  painted on a wall in a downtown parking lot took my breath away! 


A gorgeous view along the boardwalk around Victoria Park in Charlottetown


The steeple of the church at Avonlea Village


This is so cool; all around the island these quilt block signs indicate the Arts and Heritage trail  More info about the sites are available by scanning the QR code below each sign!

A visit to Brackley Beach - swimming was not advised due to a proliferation of red jelly fish, but I did manage to wade in through the thousands of dinner-plate sized jellies clumped together in the shallow surf.

There's always plenty of real estate on a PEI beach! Miles and miles of red sand for walking.

PEI has done an incredible job of educating visitors about the importance of preserving delicate dune ecosystems, so almost all beaches have boardwalk access to protect the dunes.

These castles were just about at the end of their day.

We enjoyed reading this wonderful public chalkboard 'interactive mural' outside the Anne & Gilbert theatre.

It is so great to hang out with cousins! My two on the outside, with my sister's two in the middle on the set of Anne & Gilbert. It was a thrill to finally see them on stage, both have been in this musical, or Anne of Green Gables, in past summers.

In need of any dance shoes, tutus, tights, leotards, gymnastic suits, yoga pants? 
Check out Demi Pointe!

Okay folks, thanks for allowing me to indulge you in family holiday photos. Back to quilting action soon! 

9 comments: said...

This looks like a lovely town to visit. A place to relax and enjoy the scenery. How lucky to be able to visit such a place.

Leanne said...

Thank you for sharing your trip, I am slowly catching up on the blog reading. Your kids look great and like their cousins and you.

Brenda said...

Love, love, love PEI and want to return someday.

Debbie said...

Sweet post. This is definitely a place my Rachel and I would love to visit!

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Another awesome photo tour - thank you! I laughed at you being busted taking a garden photo, that's always my fear. I've let many a good shot go just because I'm worried someone will spring me and yell at me. I need to toughen up! (Plus, as you've found, they usually don't yell).
That mustard coloured house is just perfection. If I lived there I would never, ever leave that porch. My family would have to bring me food and internet and a commode. Eeew.

LethargicLass said...

Such a great post! Thanks for letting me travel with you :) Why is the chapel not open to the public?

Dianne said...

Great post Krista. If ever I had to leave BC PEI would be my first choice as a new location. I've only been once but I fell in love.

Unknown said...

Before I die - I want to spend a summer on PEI. I've had some fun holidays in little clapboard rented cottages there but they're always too short. Beautiful pictures Krista.

What Comes Next? said...

I love PEI - after seeing your beautiful pictures, I need to get back there soon!