Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Mom's Gotta Do What a Mom's Gotta Do

For those of us Mothers in North America, this Sunday is our BIG DAY. It is when our significant others and children wake at the crack of dawn to sneak to the kitchen, creating a masterful gourmet breakfast which will arrive on our laps in bed accompanied by lovely hand drawn cards filled with messages of gratitude and love. There will be delicious coffee or tea, French pastries, chocolate, gold and diamonds....offers of pedicures, massages, and someone else to fold the laundry.

*******************REALITY CHECK**********************

Just in case the above scenario fails to play out in your bedroom Sunday morning, here's a back up plan for you:

I was never a fan of breakfast in bed anyway.  Just bring me my laptop & a latte, kids.  The sale includes yardage on clearance, too. I might check out the Botanics on sale or Lizzy House jewels (great blenders!). There are some super sweet 30's repros and plenty of Free Spirit Designer Essential solids to choose from!

Thank you Sew Sisters.


Kitty said...

Hahaha and here I was reading, thinking, "Dang, that girl's got her fam trained well for Mother's Day!" Thanks for the heads up about the sale :)

Anonymous said...

I laughed and choked on my coffee reading this in my email stream. Hahaha, yep, I will be working night,shifts and will lucky for (and truly happy for) hugs and kisses from my kids (and some sale fabric).


www.randomthoughtsdoordi.com said...

I'm laughing too. I'll be lucky to get a card in the mail!

Dianne said...

You are hysterical! Happy Mothers day m'dear!!

Live a Colorful Life said...

Funny you should post this. I might have ordered myself some texty prints from Pink Castle and then Mark called about half an hour later and asked what I wanted for Mother's Day. So I mentioned that fact that I might have ordered some fabric and that would make a great gift, something I was guaranteed to love. Done deal. Love that man so much.