Thursday, April 2, 2015

Chess on the Steps - Kits now Available!

Hey look, Chess on the Steps went to the Arctic! I have just returned from the most amazing 4 days in Inuvik, NWT. I'll blog all about the trip soon, but here's one of my photos with an honest to goodness igloo!

Chess on the Steps in Inuvik

Now for the great news! I've had several requests from folks who are not Modern Guild Members looking to buy a pattern for my Chess on the Steps quilt. Unfortunately, I don't have individual patterns for sale, but the lovely people at Oakshott are offering a full kit of fabric AND the pattern in kit form!

Create your own unique version of this quilt using the same luscious shot cottons that I did. The beauty of my Improv Under the Influence piecing technique is that no two people using the exact same fabrics could create identical quilts. Every result is an individual, original creation!

Order your kit here!  If you fancy a different colourstory, Oakshott has many gorgeous 1/2 metre bundles that would do the trick. The Scandinavia collection would be divine as the alternate set to the same black, midnight blue, charcoal, vintage silver and cream colourway as in my quilt.  If you let them know you're purchasing for a Chess on the Steps quilt, they'll send you a copy of the pattern with your 1/2 metre collection!

Scandinavia Half Metre Block - 8 Colours (01-08)
Scandinavia 1/2 m block

Let me know if you create your own version - I'd love to see it!


Jan said...

Outstanding modern quilt. Love it.

felicity said...

Completely aweswome! I loved loved loved making mine and I know I'll use the technique again. Two projects weren't quite enough.

Leanne said...

I love seeing your quilt in the north and the kits are a great idea!