Thursday, March 19, 2015

Small Studies

I completed the two small studies that I made with Gwen. I love them! They are a sweet little sewn diary of the two days I spent with her. Each one records the techniques she shared with us.

Small Studies by Poppyprint

I began sewing on the first day by preparing tiny blocks and units of piecing that demonstrated Gwen's small study techniques. On the second day, I realized that I really had two compositions in progress; one with a predominantly grey background and one with a white background.  I decided to sew a few more units and complete two separate studies.  

Small Studies by Poppyprint

As per Gwen's 37 Sketches examples, they are bound with a single fold binding, cut at 1 1/4". I had a look at Kerry's tutorial since I haven't applied a single fold binding in ages. They are fiddly, but for a piece not much larger than a piece of paper, a double-fold is just too much edge.  I quilted them in about 15 minutes each, just with unplanned straight line/walking foot sewing wherever I felt like going. Now, that's liberating!

Here are the little technique sections (mostly all sewn with nothing wider than a 3/4" strip):

Small Studies by Poppyprint
inset skinny strips

Small Studies by Poppyprint
wonky spikes

Small Studies by Poppyprint
pieced inset skinny strip

Small Studies by Poppyprint
tiny log cabin

On both pieces you can see the wonky/improv equilateral triangles (which take some concentration!) and on the bottom right side of the grey piece you'll see inset tiny squares that Gwen likes, too.  All of the fabric is the new shot-with-white Scandinavia line from Oakshott.  I'm so happy I brought my little fat quarter stack along to the workshops. The limited palette allowed me to forget about having to choose the right colours and just focus on the process.  Plus, I was able to create two small but beautiful quilts with tiny pieces of very precious fabric.

Modern Quilt Guild members: RUN, don't walk, when the sign ups open for Gwen's QuiltCon 2015 workshops in Pasadena!! You'll not experience a more uplifting, generous, kind and experienced quilting teacher. Pinky swear.


Jodi said...

These two little quilts are gorgeous! I wish I lived closer to Pasadena. I will be on the look-out for her to be somewhere near my little corner of the world.

Monica said...

These are both *brilliant*! I think you really mastered Gwen's technique, and I love your fabrics, too. Even though they are small, I hope you will give them pride of place!

Jo said...

Those two pieces are beautiful. I like the little spiky sections! :)

Live a Colorful Life said...

What an amazing experience! Man, I hope I have a better QuiltCon registration experience than I did for Austin...

Sandi said...

Both are lovely, thanks for sharing them Krista.

Leanne said...

I love your studies, and I sure would love to get into a class with Gwen.

carol said...

Hows fun! That kind of work is right up my alley! I think you might have inspired me to "play".

Amy Friend said...

These are great and I am glad you mentioned that they were not much larger than a sheet of paper because I had been assuming that they were a bit bigger than that.

Stina... said...

Have loved reading and caught up with your class with Gwen...lucky duck!!! It must have been so much fun...and your quilts are a proof of that...they are fantastic both of them... Very fun and filled with life!!

LynneP said...

These are lovely little quilts!

RZ said...