Monday, January 19, 2015

Not-So-New New Acquisitions

Mad About Patchwork has a bundle sale going on! I had a look around last week and could not believe the great stuff on offer.

I quickly launched this honey into my cart:

Grammercy FQ bundle
Leah Duncan's Gramercy line for Art Gallery Fabrics. The hand is gorgeous and I love the graphics. 

I don't have a clue as to why I thought I could live without Far, Far Away. I guess at some point I tried to talk myself out of buying "hype" fabric.  You know what I mean...the hotly anticipated new lines that filled social media for months before they were even printed. I honestly had the same feelings about Cotton & Steel, but guess what? They are incredible prints with amazing colours on fabulous substrates. What's not to love? I'm glad I changed my mind, because now I have this gorgeous stack to admire in my sewing room:

Far Far Away (reprint)
Heather Ross' Far, Far Away (reprint). I never noticed how absolutely gorgeous that Frog Prince print in the palest of blue and pink is (bottom left corner). 

I am so very late to both of these fabric parties, but very happy to have had the chance to pick them up at a great price. I have no plans for any of this fabric. None, whatsoever. Sue me. That's why they call it a STASH.

Someone else likes stashed fabric, too. Look what Lysa does with other people's stashes - in this case mine! 


DianeY said...

Boy! Call me guilty in buying "hype" fabric! I'm overflowing!

felicity said...

I actively shun over-hyped fabric - I'm a contrarian that way! :)

Dianne said...

Love the drawings of your stash! Are they going to grace the walls of your studio???

Katy Cameron said...

Nothing wrong with building up your stash! Although I know what you mean about the hype *whispers* I'm not a huge AMH and not a DS fan at all.

Loving Lysa's diptych!