Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Saturday Quickie

Last weekend my traditional guild held our big annual workshop day. It is different from most workshops in that there is no instructor. Instead, a committee organizes a theme (like placemats, floral quilts, scrappy quilts) or a mystery pattern and everyone works together in a huge gymnasium.  This year the theme was Layer Cake and you could make a mystery quilt or just work on your own layer cake pattern. Typically over 40 guild members participate and it is a really fun day. Lunch is a potluck, so you know what that means...more cake, cookies and loaves than we know what to do with and barely enough cheese, crackers, sandwiches and sausage rolls! 

I had a lovely day working on my Featherweight Agatha, sewing with a Cotton & Steel Maple Layer Cake. These are special layer cakes made for the Canadian market by the wholesale company Trend-Tex.  I finished up my quilt top yesterday.

Cotton & Steel Quickie

However, when I returned to my sewing room after taking this shot, I discovered there was still a row of blocks stuck to my design wall!! So imagine this with one more row along the bottom, hehe.  I'm trying not to fuss about all of the decapitated horses.

The pattern I used is called Double Slice and is a free video tutorial offered by the Missouri Star Quilt Co.  Super fast and fun!  For now, I've hung it neatly over a hanger to go in the closet with all of the other Quilt Tops With No speciality!


Svetlana said...

this is such a lovely quilt top, I must check out that video soon.

Esther said...

Lovely Quilt Krista...Totally addicted to Cotton and Steel right now!!

Carol Browne said...

Ha! I love it - "Quilt Tops With No speciality!" - I have a few of those myself. But we must sew on! SEW ON! :-)

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

Sounds like fun !! And I think quilts for no purpose is a perfect reason to make one !

Frederique said...

Nice quilt!

I'm running another fabric giveaway, and you are welcome to enter!

Katy Cameron said...

I never think to buy layer cakes these days, but this does look lovely and quick!