Thursday, November 20, 2014

Stuff Your Stocking

There's a really fun promotion coming up at Sew Sisters! If any of you like to give Santa (or, say, your husband, partner, parents or kids) a helping hand, you are going to want to check this out.

Stuff your Stocking

Pre-registration is required to unlock the deals, but if at the end of the event you've not made any purchases of the daily deals your $10 will be refunded. The best part (well, there are five best parts as far as I can tell):

  1. FREE SHIPPING IN CANADA for all of your accumulated Stuff Your Stocking purchases!
  2. There's a fun surprise every day (I am one of those people who LOVE surprises).
  3. You are guaranteed to have pretty and useful items that you LOVE in your stocking! 
  4. The daily deals are emailed direct to you - no need to search the web every day.
  5. Santa gets a break.
To register, visit the nice people at Sew Sisters here.

To further support your Christmas list, Sew Sisters has started an "All I Want for Christmas" wish list Pinterest board here where you just might find some Doe (yes, they have yardage AND packs - I think they might be the first shop in Canada to have it!).

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.


Samantha said...

Have you done this before Krista? I was just looking at this then Google told me to come here 😉

felicity said...

I participated last year and scored tons of awesome deals.