Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Strike Camp

Our kids are not in school. I'm trying to stay calm, but our son is supposed to be in his final year of high school and the teacher's strike is still full on because the union leadership and provincial government employees are behaving like....well, they are NOT behaving! At least not like the professionals!  Talks have repeatedly broken down, the provincial mediation guru has walked out, the government continues to provoke the union with unrealistic offers, the union continues to demand too much money. I just want my kids in school and my teacher friends working.  I think they should televise the talks so that we can all monitor behaviour and see what is really going on behind the closed doors and media black out. At least maybe then they'd act like grown ups.

Buccaneer Bay 2014

So, instead of returning to classrooms last week, the kids and I returned to one of our favourite places: Thormanby Island. We had our own little strike camp with our hosts: my generous friend Andrea and her dad Bruce.  His sweet pup Sophie entertained us, too!  B was able to join us for the weekend and we had such a nice time reading, playing cards, hiking, swimming, paddle boarding, eating and drinking (sunset happy hour on the beach!). We've enjoyed a record-breaking hot, dry summer that just keeps on giving. The weatherman says we'll have sun right through till this Sunday, with temperatures heading back up to the high 20's Celsius.

Here's a little photo summary of our extendo-summer 5 day trip:

Buccaneer Bay 2014
This is how people and stuff get from the dock to the cabin one bay over

Buccaneer Bay 2014

Buccaneer Bay 2014

Buccaneer Bay 2014

Buccaneer Bay 2014

Buccaneer Bay 2014

Buccaneer Bay 2014

Buccaneer Bay 2014
deer tracks in the sand

Buccaneer Bay 2014

Buccaneer Bay 2014

And while I'm here, I just need to say Happy Anniversary to this incredible husband of mine. I never, ever, dreamed 28 years ago when you introduced yourself to me in Physics 101 that we'd end up together 3 years later and married now for 20 amazing, happy years!

Buccaneer Bay 2014

  I so look forward to the next 20, B. xoxoxox


badlandsquilts said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!

verykerryberry said...

Incredibly frustrating, especially final year students. Beautiful pics and happy anniversary! x

Donna~~ said...

Televising the talks (and all similar type negotiations) would be a great idea--if they all didn't start grandstanding for the camera--like Congress here! Looks like you made the best of the situation in a lovely place. Congrats on your anniversary!

Sandi said...

What a beautiful island, I've not gone there and thank you for sharing somebody our experience.

Love your puppy pic.

Congratulations on your anniversary andtomany more to come.

Tamie said...

Happy Anniversary.

Alisa said...

I'm so sorry for your frustrations with the strike... my wonderful neighbour is also a teacher and she is missing her classroom too. Glad you made some lemonade from your lemons and had a good time. It looks gorgeous! And happy anniversary too.

Arita said...

This strike is so frustrating. Too bad both sides can't act like the professionals they are being paid.

Leanne said...

Happy Anniversary! I wonder why binding arbitration is not something that the government will accept?

Andrea C said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!! Dad and I loved having you and yours for the weekend. We really enjoy sharing our special place with people who value it as much as we do.

Dianne said...

Beautiful photos of that magical place! And the handsome fella at the end!! Wishing you at least another 20 happy years.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Happy Anniversary. Hope you see as many and more as I have so far...43.

Sorry your school reps and government can't come to an agreement. Our politics south of your boarder are far more disfunctional than yours are so I feel your pain!
xx, Carol said...

Shouldn't you be in Italy about now? What are you going to do about school. Can you get the kids in a home school program ?

Jo Robertson (thejoyofthehousetomyself) said...

Hope it all sorts it's self out but glad you managed a little escape. Happy anniversary!

Katy Cameron said...

That looks idyllic, except, perhaps, for the reason for the trip!

Happy anniversary :o)

Canadian Abroad said...

Good luck with the teacher crap. Our teachers have gone on strike two or three times in the past year or so, but only for a one day walk out each time. I would freak if it was extended. The extra holiday looks great though, and congratulations on 20 years. A good marriage is a wonderful thing.

Nita said...

Oh, I know Thormanby Island! We spent two years on Merry Island as the light keepers in the early 80s. Small world!

MissesStitches said...

While it's too bad your kids aren't in school. This looks like a great way/place to spend the time! Brand new reader, because I recently joined MQG and got the email with your pattern on it. I'm going to follow you now!